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There's A Hole In My Bucket! Hen Party Game

Why Play?

There’s a hole in my bucket! This hen party game makes for a cracking time as you and your girls cool off and compete against each other! The aim of the game is to transport a bucket filled with water (that has holes in it!) from one barrel to the next, faster than your competition!

***Disclaimer*** This is going to be a wet one! It may be an idea if you're thinking of playing this game to make all the girls aware of this fact beforehand, so that they can come prepared!

What You’ll Need
  • Four empty barrels or containers
  • Two buckets (of which have holes in them!)
  • A race course that begins with two barrels full of water, and ends with two empty barrels!

How to Play
  • Split your hen party up into two teams and provide each team with a bucket.
  • Upon hearing the word ‘GO’, the first girl from each team must fill her leaky bucket with water and carry it on her head up the course to the empty barrel!
  • Upon reaching the barrel, the participant will empty the water from the bucket into the empty barrel.
  • Once the bucket has been emptied, that participant will run back to the start and pass the bucket to the next contestant.
  • Each player will take turn carrying the bucket on her head toward the barrel.
  • Whichever team fills their barrel first are the winners!

Top Tips
  • If you wish this game to go the distance, particularly if you have a big group, simply add more holes to the bucket! This will mean that everyone will definitely get a turn!
  • Alternatively, if you wish this to be a shorter game, simply set a time limit for the race! This means that at the end of the time limit, whichever team has filled their barrel the most is declared the winner!

Prepare your group for a wet and wonderful hen party game with there’s a hole in my bucket!

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