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Why Choose An Escape Room Stag Do Activity?


Escape rooms have become extremely popular in the last few years and here we reveal why to choose an escape room stag do activity. When choosing a stag do activity its very important to think about a number of factors such as who is going, what are their interests and abilities, how well the guys on the stag weekend know each other and the budget that your group are on. Take a look at the reasons why you should consider this option on your stag weekend.

Great For Team Building


A big problem some groups find on a stag weekend is that a lot of people in the group may not know each other as they all come from different friend groups of the stags such as family, childhood friends, university mates, work colleagues or sports teams etc. The best way to overcome this barrier is to find a team building stag do activity and choosing an escape room is a brilliant idea.

With an escape room stag do activity your group will be put into teams and have to solve clues and riddles in a set amount of time. For example, Escape Belfast have two thrilling escape rooms called The Preacher and Down The Rabbit Hole and it is a brilliant Belfast stag do idea. In each of these you must work together to escape by solving clues and riddles. By having to work together to solve the puzzles, it brings everyone closer and creates a bond between those stags who may not have known each other beforehand.

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Fun and Thrilling Stag Do Activity


Escape rooms are a unique activity to choose for the stag weekend and they are also extremely fun and thrilling. The themed rooms all have their own thrilling back story and your group must work against the clock to solve the mysteries. At Escape Belfast your group will take on a notorious Belfast serial killer whilst solving clues to escape his lair within 60 minutes! Or make your way to the dark, eerie underground Old Crown Court Prison Cells in Central Bristol where you will try to escape a sadistic serial killer by working as a team and solving clues! The experience at Hell in Cell can often be described as Saw and Texas Chainsaw Massacre crossed with The Crystal Maze! This is sure to get the adrenaline pumping and you will have an experience you will not forget in a hurry!

Great Price


Stag parties can be very expensive when you factor in things such as accommodation and drink costs. One way to save a few quid should you be budgeting on your stag weekend is to find a cheaper activity. Prices vary throughout many venues in the UK and Ireland depending on the amount in the group. Choosing an escape room is generally cheaper than go-karting, paintballing or many other popular activities.

Perfect For All Abilities


Action packed stag do activities such as bubble soccer, tree top adventures or paintball can be unsuitable for certain members of the stag party who may be a little bit older or physically unable to take part. With choosing an escape room stag do activity, everyone should be able to take part as it is physically less challenging but still extremely thrilling and fun!

It is easy to see why escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular for groups of stags to take part in on the stag weekend. We hope that we have provided the inspiration for your group to go book an escape room as your activity!

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