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Who To Invite To Your Stag Do


Choosing who to invite to your stag do can be a difficult and awkward process as you don’t want to invite too many people and you also don’t want to make people feel left out. There are quite a few things to take into consideration when inviting people to the stag do such as the activity which certain friends may enjoy depending on the level of thrill or adventure. The best tactic to start the planning process is for the groom-to-be and best man to sit down and decide who must be invited. Here we reveal the main groups of people that must be considered for the stag weekend and those who will want to avoid inviting!

Family and In-Laws

The first point of call is deciding on which family members to invite. Generally speaking, the stags brothers will always be invited as they are likely to be the best man/groomsmen anyway. First cousins can be filtered out by how close the groom is to them but it is also important to consider that inviting certain cousins and leaving others out, may cause some people to be upset! Inviting the father is essential however you must consider how he will get along with the group and the stag do activities that are planned. Should the activities be too strenuous, be sure to have a back up plan for the father or uncles that may not wish to take part! One of the key decisions to be made is whether to invite the father-in-law and brothers-in-law. All this depends on how well they get along with the groom and whether they would approve of some of the explicit activities that may be planned!


The friends that have to be invited to the stag do could be a tight group of the grooms friends from home or they could come from all different parts of his life such as work, sports teams, school or college. A good balance is needed when choosing from this group of people as you don’t want to end up with a group full of Stiffler’s! Should that happen then the likelihood of you guys spending most your time in strip clubs and spending most of the stag weekend wasted is going to be very high! The key is not to invite too many people who are unfamiliar with each other as that could cause some people to feel like they are not as much part of the group as everyone else. However, if you introduce a few pints or shots, they are sure to open up and get to know each other!

Work Colleagues

In a lot of cases, work colleagues may well be part of the grooms close friends anyway. However, sometimes the groom may only want a few work colleagues invited as they may not know his core group of friends too well and also to stop any x-rated stories potentially getting back to the office that may cause some embarrassment or worse! Be careful when choosing which of the guys from work should be invited to the stag do while also trying not to exclude others as the groom will have to see these people most days of their lives and it won’t be nice having that awkwardness lingering around!

How Many People To Invite


The tricky part of organising a stag do is trying to limit the amount of people who you are going to invite. This can come down to the stag do activity, the method of transport and also where your group are thinking of staying. Should the stag do activity be to go paintballing then the numbers should generally be between 8 and 16, with some of the older people maybe choosing not to take part. The amount of people you are inviting on the stag do needs to be taken into consideration before choosing the method of transport also. Should you guys want to book a stag do limousine, then you will not be able to invite 20 people! A stag group of 20 or so people may need to hire a mini bus to their destination. The number of people invited sill also depend on the stag do accommodation. If booking a self catering house is on the agenda then its capacity needs to be taken into consideration as some may only accommodate 8 stags while other may hold up to 40!

When trying to decide who to invite to your stag weekend, take into consideration these points! Remember that every stag do is different so try to plan well in advance to ensure all bases are covered and no one is left out or feels uncomfortable with the plans! 

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