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Who's That Girl Stag Do Game

"Who's That Girl?" Stag Do Game

While out at the bar on your stag night, have a little fun by playing “Who’s That Girl?” which happens to be one of the cheekiest stag do games! Required for this game are pens or pencils and something for all the stag to write on.

The game starts by each of the group getting a few minutes to take a look around the bar and try to find the most gorgeous girl in the place. Once they have found who they feel is the most gorgeous woman, they must return to their seats and write down a description of that girl.

Everyone will then show their description and any of the stag group who has described the same woman, must then buy each other a drink. If one of you lads have described a woman that nobody else has then you must go buy that woman a drink!

This fun stag do game is great at a busy bar and perfect for those in the group who are single. It is also a great laugh watching your mates buying who he thinks is the most beautiful girl at the bar a drink! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to play “Who’s That Girl?” stag do game!


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