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What to Wear?

Going away for the weekend and trying to think what to wear for each part of the day? Have your outfit's sorted in advance, so you will bring less clothing. Here are a few beaut outfit ideas... 

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What to Wear

What to wear for a Hen Party Weekend

If you’re heading off on a hen party then we’re sure you’ll want to make every effort to look your best.

With so many different options to choose from when it comes to activities and destinations for a hen weekend, knowing what to pack for your break away with the girls can be a dilemma.
Firstly think about the weather at your destination, fancy dress theme and the type of weekend activities that have been planned will mostly determine what you need to take with you, maybe check with the maid of honour to see if there are any surprises planned, so that you can be prepared. As well as any special bits you’ll need to take, there will always be a number of practical essentials you need to pack to make sure your weekend runs smoothly. Don’t forget phone chargers, headache tablets and a toothbrush, after that you should be fine.

 The journey

The key to traveling to your hen party destination is comfort. Most people will have customised t-shirts or vests for everyone to wear, so just match this on the bottom with whatever you feel most comfortable in, chances are you will be sitting on a bus for a few hours and you don’t want to get your weekend off to a bad start.

The big night out

This is one of the few changes we get to go all out glamour. I came across this colour combination on pinterest and absolutely loved it along with the style. It is so glamorous and glassy but easy to pull together. The pumps are a great idea to have in your bag for later on in the night when the heels get too much.

Day after the night before


After a night out, there’s nothing nicer than being able to lounge about in some comfy clothes and chill in your hotel room or journey home, while your body tries to recover from the night before. In my opinion sunglasses are a must to hide those dark circles and to keep the bright light out of those delicate eyes. Dry shampoo and a pair of comfy sandals, along with a comfortable outfit should make your journey home a little bit more bearable, along with a gallon of water and a few pain killers. An outfit combination like below is just perfect in my opinion, it’s still stylish but very practical and comfortable, just my style.


I hope that you have found this helpful ladies as it’s always hard to know what to take with us and the first hour or two of our trip is usually filled with a nagging doubt that we have forgotten something important.

Until next week ladies

Have a fab weekend.

Ciara x


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