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What is the Job of a Maid of Honour?


It goes without saying that playing the role of the maid of honour is not an easy task and you certainly can’t hide away from the responsibilities imposed on you! Although it is a wonderful honour that your bestie trusted you with this huge role, it is important that you meet the expectations of your duties. From lending a helping hand with the wedding to coordinating the hen party celebrations, there is a great list of tasks! What is the job of a maid of honour is a frequently asked question with many not knowing the ins and outs so here we give you the low down on what is expected of you!

Plan the Hen Party

Hen Party Champagne Toast

When we think of the most vital maid of honour dutie we immediately think of the hen party celebrations! It is up to the maid of honour to arrange the celebrations as well as the budget and who to invite! Planning the hen party is not easy but seeing your bestie smile from ear to ear will be totally worth the up to 3am organising! Below are a few things the maid of honour should consider when organising the hen party celebrations:

- Location
- Date
- Hen party activity
- Hen night celebrations
- Hen party accommodation
- Hen party theme
- Hen party games

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Lead the Bridesmaid Tribe

Bride and Bridesmaids

Almost like captain of the ship, the maid of honour is somewhat in charge of the other bridesmaids! This means making sure they make rehearsals, go to dress fittings and keeping updated with important arrangements. As well as this, the maid of honour must ensure that the bridesmaids make the ceremony on time and they all carry out their role according to plan! The few months leading up to the big day will have the maid of honour feeling like a babysitter!

Help Bride with Pre-Wedding Duties

Wedding Planning

The maid of honour must always be on call to help with any pre-wedding duties to ensure the Bride-to-be is not feeling the pressure alone! These tasks can include:

Addressing invitations
Choosing wedding colours
Wedding cake flavour
Arranging transportation
Repeatedly listening to the Bride-to-be’s vows

Help Shop for Dresses

Wedding Dress Shopping

This can be both a fun and sentimental experience for the maid of honour as she sees her bestie in her wedding dress before the big day! The maid of honour must help the Bride-to-be decide which dress is best as well as picking the bridesmaids dress, colour schemes, shoes, jewellery and flowers! Organising the outfits is a lot harder than it seems with budgets to adhere to and fussy bridesmaids to please!

Toast the Couple after the Best Man

Maid Of Honour Speech

Although this is optional, the maid of honour may have to do a speech on the big day if it is her besties wish! She must write a speech declaring her friendship and love for her best friend as well as talking about the couple and of course a few funny anecdotes about the bride-to-be herself!

Lend an Ear

Best friends laughing

The months leading up to the big wedding day can be extremely stressful for the Bride-to-be with lots of plans and organising to be done! It is crucial that the maid of honour is on hand to lend a listening ear! No matter how nerve-racking times may get, as the saying goes laughter is the best cure!

So there you have it, the job of the maid of honour! We hope you are inspired and excel in this all important duty!

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