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Tips for Bridesmaids

Weddingdates.ie brings you their top 3 tips on how to be the Best Bridesmaid EVER!

How To Be The Best Bridesmaid EVER by WeddingDates.ie

There are more than a few former bridesmaids here in the WeddingDates office. And over the last few years, we have built up a wealth of knowledge on being there for your best bud on her all important wedding day! So, with this almighty wisdom built up over the last few years, it would be an absolute shame not to share it with you ladies at HenorStag.com! Check out our top 3 tips on how to be the best bridesmaid EVER!

Bride's Body Guard

Is 'Aunty Mary' coming over to share her old school stories? Telling you all about when she had to walk 30 miles to school barefoot!! All this while the bride-to-be is trying to get ready for her wedding day! It's highly likely that the bride-to-be may not have an hour of her life to hear this story again, so here’s where you come in! Be the perfect bridesmaid and act like a body guard! Ensure the bride-to-be is not flustered by keeping everyone including 'Aunty Mary' out of her way (with exception to the make-up artist off course)!


Wedding ‘Emergency Kit’

Every bride-to-be needs a "just in case" emergency kit for her big wedding day! Be the best bridesmaid ever and create a wedding emergency kit filled with deodorant, pins, hairbrush, chewing gum, water, Vaseline and anything that cannot be carried on a bride’s person. More than likely, there will be an ‘oh-no!’ moment where she’ll wish she had some of these items in her possession. Perhaps you could store the wedding emergency kit in the ladies restroom or the hotel reception for safe keeping! And don’t forget to throw a little cash in there… Just in case! There you have it, the perfect wedding emergency kit!

Wedding Day Snacks

A wedding day is like a marathon so make sure your bride is stocked up on a range of light snacks to help keep those all important energy levels at an all time high throughout the wedding day! Wedding day snacks can range from breakfast bars to fresh fruit! Be sure however to keep your bride hydrated with plenty of fluids (using a straw of course, to avoid smearing that gorgeous wedding day lipstick).

So there you have it ladies the top three tips from WeddingDates on how to be the best bridesmaid EVER! Won't the bride-to-be think she is the luckiest girl ever to have chosen you as her bridesmaid! 

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