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Water Based Stag Do Activities


By choosing a stag do activity on water you and your group of stags are guaranteed to have a thrilling day! There is such a wide range of water based activities to choose from that there is sure to be an activity that suits everyone. Whether you want a high adrenaline activity such as hovercraft flying or surfing or a more relaxed activity such as fishing, you will have a fun and memorable day ahead of you. Here we reveal some of the top water based stag do activities for you to choose from.



When searching for thrilling water based stag do activities, surfing is always sure to impress! The great thing about surfing is that wherever there is a seaside, there is always going to be somewhere to surf! Any of the lads in your stag group who are able to surf, simply have to find a beach with a few waves and get up on the board and have a great time. For those in the group who might need lessons as they are beginners, you will be glad to hear that there are many activity centres throughout the UK and Ireland that offer surf lessons such as Fistral Beach Surf School in Cornwall. So choose to go surfing on your stag do and you will have a thrilling experience riding the waves that you won’t forget in a hurry!



How about exploring majestic coastlines and caves on your stag weekend? Should you choose coasteering as your stag do activity you can do just that and enjoy the thrill of jumping off cliff edges into the water as well as getting to see some wonderful sights along the coast. For anyone have a Westport stag do then make sure to get to Adventure West who provide a fantastic coasteering activity in Ireland or for those on a Dorset stag do, you will be able to take part in these exhilarating water based stag do activities with Cumulus Outdoors



If your group are looking for a relaxing stag do activity where you can sit back and enjoy the company of your closest mates, then fishing could be the perfect idea. Round up your stags, get yourselves fishing rods, bait, hooks and of course a crate of beer and you will have a day out by the river that will live long in the memory! You can also choose to take it up a notch by getting out on a boat or by going deep sea fishing where you can have a competition to see who can catch the most fish or who can catch the biggest!

Hovercraft Flying


Are you searching for an adrenaline pumping water based stag do activities that all the boys will love? If that is the case, then choosing to go hovercraft flying is sure to be a hit! Glide upon the water and around bends on these high speeds machines in what will be a thrilling and unique experience for everyone in the group. Whether you are having a Chester, Manchester or Liverpool stag do you will be able to get to Hoverforce who offer this amazing experience! If you are having a stag do in Ireland, pay a visit to Outdoors and Dirty in County Cavan where you will also be able to go hovercraft flying and have a day you will never forget!



A water based activity that will test your strength and endurance to the max, kayaking is also a fun and thrilling sport! You can go kayaking on a calm lake and have a relaxing day pout on the water or you can hit the rapids and really test your ability to steer the small one person boat! Free Range Adventures in Enniskillen and AWOL Adventures in Co. Monaghan are two fantastic venues that offer this should you be planning a stag do in Ireland. So get out with your stags and have a race on the water and see who can claim the bragging rights with this thrilling activity!

Banana Boating


One of the most fun and exciting water activities that you could choose for your stag do is banana boating! You and your group of lads will sit on a huge banana shaped float and be dragged across the water at high speeds by someone driving a jet ski. The person on the jet ski will turn suddenly to try and toss you guys off the boat and you will have to try your best to stay on. Lots of laughs and tumbles are guaranteed with this superb stag do activity!

White Water Tubing


For the groups looking for high octane and bumpy water based stag do activities, then white water tubing should be right up your street. You and the lads will get into inflatable ring and slide and tumble down fast moving water called white water rapids. The aim is to try and stay in the ring as long as possible. Endless Adventure North East offer this heart racing activity and it is the perfect option should be you having a stag do in Newcastle.

As you can see, there is a huge range of water based stag do activities out there for you to choose from and there is sure to be one that suits everyone in the group! Your only problem now is choosing from all the fantastic options provided!

If you mates happen to be massive thrill junkies, we reccomend you check out our top outdoor stag party activities in Ireland!

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La Playa Water Sports | Land & Wave

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