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Unique Stag Night Ideas Uncovered


When it comes to the stag night everyone seems to go for the standard nightclub / pubs with lots of drinks to celebrate the stags last night of freedom. Unique stag night ideas aren’t as easy to think of as unique activities during the day such as tree top adventures or hovercraft flying! But here we have came up with a whole range of unique stag night ideas that are sure to be just as, if not more memorable that a night out on the town! Not only are they different but quite a lot of the time these unique stag night ideas will help you save money which will come in very handy for the wedding! Check them out!

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Whether or not the lads on your stag party are musically talented, a karaoke night will have everyone laughing and dancing the night away! This unique stag night idea can be done from home or at a karaoke bar. The UK and Ireland boast many karaoke bars throughout but our top tip would be to rent out a karaoke system with lights, microphone, speakers and listings of 1000’s of classic karaoke tunes! Karaoke hire companies also provide fancy dress for the occasion and will set everything up for you. Your stag party will also save loads of money from not having to buy drink at the bar but instead bring your own food and drink!


BBQ Night

Every guy out there loves a BBQ! What better way to celebrate the stag weekend than outside on a warm summers day drinking beer and eating burgers or hot dogs with your closest mates? A BBQ is a perfect idea for a summer stag do when the weather is much better and your group will save a lot of money by cooking your own food and bringing your own alcohol. At the BBQ everyone can play fun stag do games including card games like Poker and the night is sure to fly in with the amount of fun you will be having! So have a BBQ as your unique stag night idea and you are sure to have an unforgettable night!

Music Festival / Concert

Live Concert

Instead of heading up the town and crawling through the bars listening to live bands and DJ’s , head to a music festival or concert on the stag night for something a little bit different! Throughout the year there are many concert’s and music festivals that are the are perfect option for a unique stag night. Whether you head to the 3 Arena on a Dublin stag do, SSE Arena on a Belfast stag do or to Wembley on your London stag do, you are guaranteed to have a thrilling night listening to one of your favourite music acts performing live to 1000’s with an atmosphere that is second to none!

Country Night

Country Night

Country music has made a huge comeback in recent years and throughout Ireland many venues have country night and Jamboree’s that will get everyone on your stag party up jiving the night away! Venues such as The Valley Hotel in Tyrone and The Allingham Hotel in Bundoran host the biggest country music acts on a regular basis such as Nathan Carter and Lisa McHugh. Many other football clubs and charities host huge jamboree’s during the summer months to raise money and should you visit these you will find a lively atmosphere and lots of friendly people up for a bit of craic!

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Poker Night

Poker Night

Gather the lads and host a poker night on the stag weekend! A poker night is a great way to get everyone mingling and with the chance of winning a few pound at the table, you are in for a fun night! This unique stag night idea will also see your group save a bit of money before the big day and you will be able to provide your own beer and snacks in the comfort of your own home! So whether you are a big gambler or just enjoy the odd flutter now and again, you are sure to have a great night as you will be spending it with your closest pals!

Night at the Races

Night at the races

Instead of making your way through all the bars in town, have a night at the races on your stag weekend! There are many dog and horse race courses throughout England and Ireland that are the perfect venue for a unique stag night! If you having a Dublin stag do, make the short journey to Fairyhouse Racecourse and place a few bets on the dogs while enjoying great food and drink as well as an electric atmosphere throughout the venue! Any lads having a Liverpool stag do should get the the Aintree racecourse for an experience on your stag night that will be second to none!

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Try something different on the stag night by trying one of these fantastic unique stag night ideas! You are sure to have a memorable weekend and may also save a bit of money while doing so!

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