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Unicorn Hen Party Theme Ideas


Unicorn themes are becoming an increasingly popular theme this year, so why not follow the trendy and opt for a unicorn themed party? This theme usually includes a lot of pastel colours from décor to sweet treats! This idea is super unique and as the saying goes ‘Be a unicorn in a field full of horses!’ Here we reveal our top unicorn hen party theme ideas!

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Unicorn Sweet Treats

Unicorn Cookies

Every unicorn hen party should include sweet treats and lots of them! The most obvious choices are of course unicorn cake and cupcakes which are sure to appeal with lots of glitter and tempting pastel icing! We recommend you also include these unique sweet treat ideas to ensure the taste buds are tingling:

- Rainbow Jell-o
- Marshmallow Pops
- Rainbow Fudge
- Funfetti Cookies
- Rainbow Candyfloss
- Unicorn Designed Macarons
- Sprinkle Covered Popcorn

Prancing Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade Station

Be sure to include some unicorn juice for the celebrations! With a prancing pink lemonade station, the ladies can fend for themselves with pastel pink polka dot cups and stripes straws! Or perhaps, if you are looking to go the extra mile, Unicorn Kisses Cocktail is sure to appeal to all the ladies! This cocktail is super easy to create with only a handful of ingredients needed including Strawberry lemonade, Blue Raspberry Vodka, edible silver glitter and lilac pearl dust! This will soon be everyone’s must have party drink!

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Unicorn Head Veil

Unicorn Hen Veil

Help the Bride-to-be stand out on her big day with a unicorn head veil! With a holographic horn and pastel ears along with long rainbow tulle attached, all eyes are sure to be on your bestie! This is of course the perfect design for a photo so be sure to take plenty of snaps!

Unicorn Selfie Station Props

Unicorn Selfie Props

If your ladies happen to be a bunch of posers, then they are sure to be in their element with unicorn selfie props! With chic calligraphic signs stating ‘Unicorn Hair, Don’t Care!’ and ‘Trust Me I’m A Unicorn!’ your selfie station will be the topic of conversation for a long time to come! Also include fun props such as unicorn masks, unicorn crowns, and rainbows to name but just a few, the girls will enjoy a day spent taking endless amounts of selfies! 

Unicorn Helium Balloons

Unicorn Balloons

We are in love with the thought of unicorn balloons and we are sure you will be too! With pastel holographic balloons alongside large unicorn balloons, your ideas will ooze class and style! You may decide to go the extra mile and tie some pretty pastel tassels to the bottom of your designs! Be inspired!

Unicorn Hair Glitter

Hair Glitter

If you are looking to really get into the unicorn spirit, hair glitter is the most perfect way to get stuck in! Add rainbow glitter to the roots of your hair along with other finishing touches including star and love heart shaped confetti! For maximum results, we recommend you split your hair in the middle and tie it up with a bun or ponytail design! 

So there you have it, our top unicorn hen party theme ideas for those ladies hoping to try something a little out of the ordinary! What are you waiting for? Get creating your ideas today!

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Image Credits: CP Sweets | Creative Events | Etsy | Pinterest | Daily Mail

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