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Tutus and Tiaras Hen Party Ideas

Trying to think of hen party ideas? A tutus hen party and a tiaras hen party is the way forward. This post will change your mind on tutus and tiaras. It's a really cute idea!  

Hen Party Ideas

Hen party tutus and hen party tiaras

There are so many hen party ideas out there, but if like me and love all things girly a Tutus and Tiaras hen party is right up your street!

The bride-to-be

If you don’t want to go down the route of fancy dress I think this is a great way to dress up for the hen party and still look cute at the same time. Everyone could be in pink except for the bride-to-be who would be in white to make her stand out from the crowd because on this occasion it is all about her, or alternatively everyone could be in different colour tutus if you really want to be colourful.


Tutu outfits

I absolutely love these hen party vest tops shown below, the little bow on the shoulders just adds that extra touch of girliness and can be changed to match the colour of your tutu. These can be bought very cheaply from the likes of ebay, esty and amazon in various colours and lengths, Simply accessorise with your sparkliest pair of shoes and a chunky necklace for a classy and girly look. Personally if it was my hen party this is the type of theme I would go for, I love it!!!!!



This is more than a hen party idea!


These cute outfits can easily be worn during the day and transition into a night time outfit. I hope you have enjoyed reading this week’s tutus and tiaras post and that it has given you another possible idea for your upcoming hen party or occasion. To me tutus are not just for dress up if worn the right way and with the right accessories they can be worn for any occasion e.g. as a wedding guest. Obviously as a wedding guest you don’t want to wear white or cream but why not a black tutu skirt with a simple top and statement accessories. For some tips and ideas on how to wear a tutu skirt as part of an outfit check out pinterest, I’m obsessed by it and it has some gorgeous looks.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog ladies!

Until next week...

Have a great weekend.

Ciara x


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