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Top Tips for Planning a Self Catering Hen Party


Choosing the hen party accommodation can be a daunting and stressful experience! From location to group numbers, you really need to do your research! However, self-catering is one of the most popular forms of hen party accommodation and is of course ideal for all types of ladies! We reveal our top tips for planning a self catering hen party and how to make the most of the celebrations!

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Suitable for Larger Hen Groups

Hen Group

For those larger hen groups who are struggling to find accommodation, many self-catering providers can sleep up to as many as 40 hens! With this is mind, it can also work out cheaper which is ideal for hen parties on a tight budget! Nevertheless, self-catering accommodation is also perfect for smaller hen parties and a great way to get together!

Usually Very Centrally Located

Large City

Many self-catering options are centrally located near large towns and cities with many restaurants, shops, pubs and clubs nearby! Nevertheless, with the accommodations being on the outskirts this means the hens will certainly avoid the whole hustle and bustle of the city life whilst being nearby! It sure is the best of both worlds!

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Fend For Yourself


With self-catering accommodation normally comes a fully equipped kitchen and dining area for the ladies to make full use of! Whether it may be a light bite, dinner or breakfast, self-catering accommodation is of course most suitable for the girlies who would prefer to fend for themselves and save a little more money as they avoid having to go to an extravagant or expensive restaurant!

Hen Party Games


With a spacious living area provided, the girls will have the chance to kickstart the celebrations with a series of super fun hen party games! From Mr and Mrs Questions to Pass the Parcel, Guess the Baby to I’ve Never, all the hens are sure to be in floods of tears and they roll about the floor of the self-catering accommodation! Hen party dares may also be on the cards as they girls challenge each other to fun forfeits including Fire Shots! In other accommodation options including a hotel room or glamping, the hen party games will normally be limited in terms of facilities to accommodate the fun!

No Hotel Standards to Adhere To

Hen party

With many hotels not accepting hen party attire or noisy hens, options such as a hostel may not be as suitable or convenient as self-catering! With many hotels having strict standards, the girls may feel like their fun is limited! With self-catering accommodation, the girls are free to do what they want (within reason) and can be as hyper as they want to be on the hen weekend, especially after the epic hen night!

Valuable Time With Your Besties

A group of friends

With all the ladies under one roof, this of course gives all the girls the chance to spend valuable time with their nearest and dearest on the hen weekend! Whether it may be a girly gossiping session in the cosy bedrooms or chit chatting over a glass of bubbly in the dining area, everyone is sure to be in their element! Not to mention, this also gives the hens the most perfect opportunity to get to know other members of the group that they are not yet friends with! The most suitable option to help turn strangers into lifelong pals!

So there you have it ladies, our top tips for planning a self-catering hen party! Be sure to follow our tips to ensure the hen weekend is a huge success for all involved!

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