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Top Tips For Hen Parties at Airports


It is important that before heading away for the hen weekend, the ladies not only make the airport in time but also follow protocol to ensure the celebrations go according to plan! We reveal our top ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ for hen parties at airports!



Host celebratory drinks at the Duty Free Bar
– Whilst waiting on the flight, hen party drinks at the duty free bar is an absolute must! Here the girlies have the chance to try out the exquisite wine menu as well as enjoying a well-deserved catch up! This can act as a great icebreaker and have all the girlies being acquaints before the hen weekend!

Buy a Bride-to-be a nice gift in the Duty Free Shops – The girls will have the chance to team up and get the Bride-to-be an amazing gift from the duty free shops! With the airport gift shops being vat free, they are much cheaper which makes it all the better! From the bride’s favourite perfume to her must have cosmetic, there sure is something your bestie will love!

Playing Suitable Hen Party GamesHen party games are a must for the celebrations and a great way to get all the girlies mingling, however, being at an airport can limit what the ladies can do! Only suitable hen party games can be carried out to ensure you and the girls aren’t making a scene! These games include Pass the Parcel, Mr and Mrs Questions, Guess the Memory and Who Am I! Games such as Toilet Paper Couture and Balloon Question Time are a complete no no!

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Leave Yourself Plenty of Time: Be sure to be at the airport a minimum of 2 hours prior to the flight so that there is enough time to check in your luggage and get through security! This also gives the ladies more time to relax at the duty free bar and not running the risk of missing the flight!



Be Rowdy – Although the hens may be super excited for the celebrations, it is essential to remain calm and well reserved as the airport belongs to everyone so it is important to respect the environment!

Follow Airport Rules and Protocol – This means no exceeding the luggage weight limit whether it is 15 or 20kg! Alternatively, if you are only staying for the weekend, hand luggage may be all that’s needed! If you are bringing make up or any liquids in your hand luggage be sure each bottle is under 100ml and kept in a clear sealable bag! If not, you are running the risk of getting the items taken off you completely which could potentially ruin the hen weekend for you! There are also certain items which are prohibited in both hand luggage and hold luggage including sharp objects, certain chemicals and flammable solids!

Go Wild at the Bar – Although the hen party celebrations are a time for all the ladies to let their hair down for the weekend, be sure to drink in moderation and not go too wild at the airport bar! Drunken and disorderly individuals will not be tolerated and banned from attending the flight!

So there you have it, our top tips and advice for hen parties at airport! Be sure to follow the rules and our advice to ensure the celebrations go according to plan!

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