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Top Pub Crawl Ideas for a Stag Do Revealed


One of the best ways to check out a city is to do a pub crawl! Here we are revealing our top pub crawl ideas for a stag do including the best games to play, cool themes and a variety of different ways to do a pub crawl such as mystery tours! Pub crawls don’t have to be just a big booze up with the lads and should be kept interesting by adding games or dares to the activity rather than just making your way from pub to pub whilst downing drinks. These ideas and tips will to make your pub crawl a bit different and ensure that everyone has a fun day!

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Mystery Tour

Mystery Tour

One of the best ways to freshen up a pub crawl on the stag weekend is by having a mystery tour! A bit of organisation is needed for a mystery tour as a bus will need booked, venue’s may need contacted for VIP access and a route will need decided on. A mystery tour will see your group visit many pubs in several different locations throughout the day and is more exciting than a regular pub crawl as you won’t know where you are going to end up! You are guaranteed to have lots of laughs on the journey and get to visit many brilliant venues so a mystery tour is definitely an idea you should think about for a stag do!

Games / Dares

Stag Do Games

Playing games and doing dares is one way to spice up a pub crawl! Below is a list of some of the funniest games to play:

1. Toy Soldiers:
A brilliant way to get good laugh during a pub crawl is by playing Toy Soldiers! Toy Soldiers is a stag do game where each person has to pull a toy soldier from a bag and whatever pose that soldier is doing, that must be your pose for the night. When out in the pub, one member of the stag party can shout at any time “ASSUME YOUR POSITIONS!” and then everyone must strike the pose of their toy soldier!

2. T-Shirt Checklist:
A great way to stitch up the stag is by making him wear a T-Shirt Checklist. The t-shirt will list some dares that that stag has to complete throughout the night and this can include funny ideas such as “Ask the bar lady out”, “down a pint” or “sing a song” to name but a few!

3. Who’s That Girl:
This cheeky game starts with each member of the stag party writing down on a piece of paper a description of who they think is the most gorgeous girl in the bar. Everyone then reveals their description and if anyone has described the same girl as anyone else, they must buy each other a drink. If any stag has described a girl that nobody else has, he must buy that girl a drink!

4. Don’t Say A Word:
To play Don’t Say A Word all you need to do is list a number of words that are likely to be said during the pub crawl and ban everyone from saying them. If someone in the stag group says any of these words, they must do a forfeit such as down a drink or ask a girl out at the bar! These words could be “Wife”, “Wedding” or “Bed” for example.

5. Pub Golf:
A great game to play on a pub crawl is pub golf. Each pub that you visit will have a par rating and that determines how much you drink and how quick you drink it. For example if a pub is a Par 3, each stag must finish a bottle of beer in 3 mouthfuls. The scores are then kept just like golf and the person with the lowest score wins. Penalties can be added for throwing up, falling over or missing a hole!

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12 Pubs of Christmas

12 Pubs of Christmas

A popular way to socialise around Christmas is by playing the 12 Pubs of Christmas. Anyone having a stag do near Christmas should consider do a 12 pubs of Christmas theme to get into the festive spirit. For this pub crawl every member of the stag do will have to wear a Christmas jumper and make their way around 12 different pubs in a town or city. In each pub there will be rules such as how much you have to drink and you can also add in forfeits or dares!

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We hope that by revealing these top pub crawl ideas for a stag do we have given you the inspiration to have an epic pub crawl to send the stag off in style!

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