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Top Hen Party Themes of 2017


Taking into account what's hot on tv and in the cinema in 2017, this blog will aims to outline how fun a hen party can be when inspired by the big screen! From full-blown cosplays to themed t shirts, we at HenorStag.com have compiled a list of hen party themes that are both fun and topical! Regardless of the effort you but into making these, rest assured—these themes will get people talking during your hen night!

Game of Thrones


Whether Winter is here or not is anyone's guess, but despite this conundrum, a Game of Thrones themed hen party is a no brainer. Firstly, you could opt for ‘a girl has no name’ t shirt! Affordable and readily available, this GOT themed t shirt will give your girl squad the desired them for the hen party, without the time spent on making costumes. However, if you’d prefer to go the whole nine yards to turn your squad into the people of Westeros, you can decide to dress the girls up in ‘a girl has no name’ garbs! This theme is unflattering and not at all stylish, but for good reason! GOT fans in attendance will immediately recognise the brown and shabby cloaks, not to mention to can repel any advances from unwelcome males when they ask you what your name is!

That being said, for a GOT cosplay which is both stylish and universally known, choose to dress up as an army of Khaleesis! Only two props are required to complete this costume—blond wigs and flowing dresses to rival a greek goddess! Whilst elaborate, these dresses do not need to be expensive, as cheap cosplay dresses should do the trick! Alternatively, you can create the dresses yourself—making a toga out of a sheet of fabric is incredibly easy to make, as it requires no sewing whilst still having the required effect! Note—whilst Khaleesi has been seen wearing white many times, a turquoise or light blue fabric is best, as it is her most iconic colour and will avoid confusion when strangers ask you about them!

Love Island


Hot off the heels of love Island is a hen party theme that everyone will immediately get! Not to be confused with the Love island themed hen party, which drops hens into a ‘Love Island-like’ scenario. Rather, this discusses party costumes that can bring Love Island wherever you go. To which end, specially-made t-shirts using memorable Love Island quotes should do the trick! How about getting specially made ‘My type on paper’ t shirts! Each can have personalised male traits that you can tick yourselves to let the single lads you meet on the hen night if you’re interested or not! You can even add an intentionally blank square next to “Muggy Mike” for good measure! Alternatively, why not kit-out the squad with, “I’m a fuckboy whisperer” t shirts?! This hilarious phrase coined by Olivia caught fire on Twitter and will surely be a huge talking point from onlookers on your hen night!

Ghost Busters


With the recent reboot of the famous movie, the new all-female cast of Ghostbuster are inspiring a rejuvenation of this famous party theme. Predominantly, it was only the guys that got to wear the suits and ghost hoovers at halloween and themed party events, but now its the girls turn to try out this costume classic! These costumes can range from authentic to sexy—depending on how big Ghostbusters nerds you are! What’s more, these costumes are easily purchased online, so for less than enthusiastic hens, this easily assembled theme might coax them to buy in!

Pirates of the Caribbean


Another year, another reboot! Whilst it’s a blatant attempt from Disney to keep their rollercoasters relevant, relaunching popular movie franchises in turn keeps popular fancy dress costumes relevant! Pirate costumes are always in vogue at fancy dress parties, but in light of the release of the new Pirates of the Caribbean film, Pirate costumes have never been more on trend! These costumes enable the girls to look amazing with a wide array of affordable pirate costumes to choose from! For uniformity on your hen night, you could decide to cosplay as a squad of Elizabeth Swans, but equally pertinent is individualised costumes that whilst acknowledging that you are part of a team—you can also stand out from the rest!

Image Credits: GeekxGirls | The Sun | Epbot | Rakuten

So that’s our list! If you were inspired by any of these ideas and would like to see more exciting hen party ideas, check us our blogs section.

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