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Top Hen Party Icebreaker Ideas


For those that aren’t familiar with many members of the group, the hen party celebrations can be a daunting and intimidating experience if you are rather shy! Not to worry, as there are plenty of fun icebreakers that are sure to go down a success, from hen party games to a quirky movie night! We reveal our top hen party icebreaker ideas to kickstart the celebrations in style for everyone involved!

Hen Party Games


The most effective hen party icebreaker ideas that are sure to work like magic at the celebrations is of course hen party games! This is a great chance for strangers to turn into friends as they giggle and reminisce over hilarious stories of the bride-to-be! From classics such as Mr and Mrs Questions to the unique Pass the Parcel, hen party games will have you and the ladies playing them all day long! You may even decide to throw in a few prizes to really bring the ladies out of their shells! Check out our top 25 hen party games for further inspiration!

Hen Party Dares


Things are sure to get interesting with a few hen party dares on the cards! Hen party dares are a great way of breaking the ice and are sure to have all members of the group mingling in no time! From Hand Holding to Hot Stuff, Laundry Time to Fire Shot, the celebrations are sure to be a day the ladies will never forget!

Cocktail Masterclass


Another fabulous way of getting all the hens chit chatting and laughing together, is of course a super fun cocktail masterclass! The ladies will shake and make a cocktail of their choice, from a classy cosmopolitan to a good old fashioned strawberry daiquiri, with a dedicated bartender at hand teaching them the tricks of the trade! Afterwards, the hens will lounge around tasting their creations as they discuss very important matters! We reccomend you check out 8 Hen Party Cocktails You Must Try!

Wine Tasting


A wine tasting class for top hen party icebreaker ideas, need we say anymore? This is sure to have even the quietest of hens bouncing about the place as they get ready to sample some fine wine! The ladies will try to match the wine to the brand as they discuss among each other what it could possibly be! It may even be the topic of conversation for the remainder of the hen party celebrations!

Dance Class


Have all the girlies moving with a fun themed dance class! With funky props and costumes, the hens will not be able to help themselves as they laugh carelessly and let their hair down for the day! With a choreographed dance routine all the ladies will be able to re-enact the dance moves later that night along with a few glasses of bubbly! What’s not to love with this top hen party icebreaker idea? Check our top 9 Dance Class Hen Party Ideas to ensure everyone is having a blast!

Movie Night


A great place to help break the ice or relieve any awkwardness is of course in the comfort of a home! With a movie night, the hens will have the chance to wrap up warm with their favourite pyjama’s and a fluffy duvet as they carelessly scoff their faces with popcorn and other sweet treats! From Mean Girls to The Notebook, many of the ladies will be familiar with the hen party films as will not be able to help themselves as they quote many iconic scenes or gush over Ryan Gosling! Top hen party icebreaker ideas such as this one is sure to work a treat!



Get all the girlies out of their comfort zone and have them all singing along together with some unforgettable karaoke! From old school classics such as the Spice Girls to fresh music including Ellie Goulding, everyone will certainly be making the most of the celebrations! With a glass of bubbly in hand and a microphone in the other, the ladies will not want the celebrations to end!

So there you have it, our top hen party icebreakers that are guaranteed to be a roaring success! Be sure to find yours today as you turn strangers into life-long friends!


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