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Top Hen Party Dares


Ensure the ladies are making the most of the celebrations with super fun hen party dares! From food dares to group dares, you and your ladies will definitely not be stuck for choice! The hen party dares can be as innocent or as naughty as you want them to be and can be played alongside a few hen party games!

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We reveal our top 8 hen party dares for all the naughty hens to enjoy!

Hen Night Check List


Hen Night Check List is sure to have all the ladies in floods of laughter and suitable for all girlies as the dares can be as sweet or as naughty as you want them to be! A check list will be created in which each lady will receive! With a series of whacky and random dares, the ladies must carry out each dare individually! For each dare the hen does not tick off the check list, she must carry out a super embarrassing dare! Below are a range of dares you may decide to add to your hen night check list!

- Get a signed coaster from a barman
- Kiss a bald man’s head
- Tell a stranger this is your 4th marriage
- Drink a shot without using your hands
- Dance by yourself on the dance floor
- Ask for a drink in a foreign accent
- Get a photo taken with a policeman, wearing his hat
- Sing along to a local football team chant
- Get a piggy-back ride

A Fire Shot


This mad drinking hen party dare is guaranteed to get the celebrations underway in full swing and is sure to make things a little interesting! Be warned this hen party dare is not for the faint hearted!

In order to play this epic dare, every hen must put £1 into a pot and sit around a table with one hand behind their back! Each lady must then down a shot made of tequila and tabasco sauce.
A hen can drop out at any given time, but if there are still participants willing to take a second shot they must do so. No other drinks or water are permitted during the game and if anyone vomits then they are expelled. The last standing hen is the winner and takes the pot with all the money!

Hot Stuff


If you’re really looking to test your hens taste buds, then a chilli pepper eating competition is sure to tick all the boxes! Be warned, this food hen party dare will have you all speechless for a while!

The ladies will reluctantly taste a range of chilli’s all with different heat levels. The heat level is based on a scale called Scoville Heat Unites (SU).

Round 1 the ladies will start off with the lowest heat level which is The Jalapeño (2,500 - 5,000 SU). The girls will have to chew the entire chilli in order to make it to the next round. If the ladies are tough enough to make it to round 2 they will have to take on The Red Fresno (4,000 - 5,000 SU) followed by round three which is The Habanero (100,000 - 300,000 SU).

If there is not a winner after round 3 the contest will continue with additional Habaneros until the last hen is standing. Each hen is permitted only one bottle of water for the contest with no other food or drink allowed to help make this dare as tough as possible! Not to mention, each hen who enters submit £5 with the pot with the pot going to the winner.

This dare is hot stuff, literally!

Cream Crackered


For something a little out of the ordinary, the Cream Crackered hen party dare will not disappoint! You have to be absolutely crackers to play this dare!

In order to play this dare, a referee is required to help ensure no cheeky hens are trying to pull a fast one with strictly no drinks allowed! With the hands behind the back at all times, each participant must be provided with 6 cream crackers. The referee will shout go and all the participants will then attempt to eat every single cracker in the shortest time possible, with no crumbs left over!

The hens who complete this dare in the shortest time will be announced the Cream Cracker queen!

Name Calling


Whether you are good with people’s names or not, this dare is sure to be highly entertaining.

As soon as you enter a bar, no one is allowed to call any other member of the group by their real name.You can only address someone by the name ‘Mo’ or something really whacky until you have finished your drink and left the bar.

However, if a person doesn’t stick to the rules of the dare, accidental or not, then there must be a penalty imposed on that person, from downing a nasty shot or doing 20 sit ups, the choice is entirely yours!

Holding Hands


Make the hen weekend a special one with your nearest and dearest with a whacky Holding Hands hen party dare!

Before this dare takes place, each lady must be paired up with another member of the hen group! When the girlies hit a new bar or club where they have not yet been, the must hold hands with the partner they have been paired with! If the bond is broke, the hens must carry out a severe penalty suggested by the group.

Laundry Time


This hen party dare is ideal for all the cheeky hens of the group so be aware! This game does not really entail cleaning clothes but something a lot different! The aim of this naughty dare is to be the quickest at getting a fully intact pair of boxers from any male within the nightclub or wherever the celebrations are hosted! The hen who returns with a fully intact pair of boxers first will be crowned the winner and all the hens must buy her a drink!

Kiss and ‘Don’t’ Tell


What happens on the hen party celebrations stays at the hen party celebrations, which is the ideal excuse to play this hen party dare! Each ladies mission is to get a kiss on the lips from 3 different men! But hold on, it’s not as easy as it sounds! The 3 men can only be selected by the ladies of the hen party and not by the hen herself! These lucky gentlemen can range in age, looks and any other criteria. For each gentleman from which a kiss isn’t obtained then there is a gruesome penalty to be carried out suggested by the hen group, this can be downing a fire shot or doing 20 press ups in the nightclub!

So there you have it, our top Hen Party Dares that will ensure an unforgettable hen weekend! All you need to do is pick which one is suitable for your hen group!

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