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Top Gun Stag Do Theme

What You'll Need

  • Top Gun Jumpsuit
  • Avaitor Sunglasses
  • Name Tags
  • Heeled boots

Get The Top Gun Look

Rock up to the stag night looking like lords of the sky with the Top Gun Stag Do Theme! What you'll need for the desired effect is the iconic Top Gun jumpsuit with name tags and big heeled books, alongside aviator sunglasses to complete the look. 80s hairstyles certaintly wouldn't hurt, so you can add an 80s style to yuor hair to leave the girls in no doubt who your dressed as! Plus, the name tags will prove to be a good conversation starter.

Stag Day Activity

Even though the Top Gun theme will work just fine on a pub crawl or on a night out, there are a couple more extreme stag do activities that will suit this theme to the group. If your friends are adrenaline junkies, then sky diving or bungie jumping will get you well aquainted with the air! Airplane lessons are another extreme one, so if you want to really treat the stag, you can pay for him to get a private flying lesson so that he can feel like a true pilot!


To understand the style of this theme, look no further than the 80s film Top Gun. Starring Tom Cruise, this film will show you the life of a pilot, with various scenes of the cool Cruise strutting into bars like he owns them! Its not just about the costume that pulls off this theme, its also the swagger! 


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