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Top Brunch Hen Party Ideas


There's a reason why so many deem brunch to be their favourite meal of the day—the food is too good and you can drink respectively during the day! Whether its the day of or after your hen night, a hen party brunch is a great way to spark conversation amongst the girls and get them looking forward to the fun-filled day ahead! Kick off your hen party in the best way with these ideas for a brilliant brunch!

Bottomless Brunch


Wherever your hen party may be, it's best to pick a venue that offer a bottomless brunch! This means that you pay when you enter, and from then on its all you can eat! That means all the french toast, egg royale, Prosecco and cocktails you can handle! As well as this, a bottomless brunch eliminates the dilemma of splitting bills, leaving you and your girls to have a worry free afternoon!

DIY Brunch


Most brunch venues create a chilled and sophisticated atmosphere, and with just a few key features—you can create the same cool feel at home. If you are setting out from home for your hen party, gather the girls at the house to enjoy your own personal brunch bash! If you wish to go the whole nine yards with the DIY brunch, tons and tons of sites have hundreds of brunch recipes that will help you make a meal to impress the rest! Be mindful of everyones dietary needs in order to create a dish that can be enjoyed by all! Providing Cocktails and Mocktails alongside the meal will add to the presentation of the brunch, making it seem very impressive! Finally, appointing a theme to the brunch will really win over the girls. One such theme is a Mad Hatter Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland, which isn’t overly difficult, yet will make a big impression!

Cupcake, Cocktail Making and Drinks Stations


If you are choosing to host your own DIY brunch, adding various food and drinks stations for the girls to use is a good start! Firstly, add an ornate or quirky cupcake station, laying out your cupcakes on tiered shelves or on trays—as long as it catches the eye! Secondly, A drinks station—with tea, coffee, Prosecco and cocktails! Having them pre poured and presentable will impress your girls, and make the brunch run smoothly! Finally, add a cocktail making station so that the girls can try their hand at mixology! Research the ingredients for popular cocktails (daquiris, martinis) and provide them with guidelines so that the girls can try to make them!

Brunch Boat Tour


For real! Boat tours are offering brunch deals? what better way to enjoy a brunch than sailing over calm waters with an amazing view out of the boats’s window! Enjoy your Eggs Benedict with a Bloody Mary as you set down through canals or across lakes, depending on your location! For a refined atmosphere and spectacular views that many don’t get to see, a brunch boat tour is a great way to start the afternoon!

Themed Brunch


Various restaurants have quirky themes that can be mirrored by your hen party! Travelling to a Vintage themed venue in vintage garb will make for memorable and antiquated photos! Similar to this idea, you can have brunch in an american diner, which can be accented by wearing 50’s themed costumes! Alternatively, for film buffs—you can dress up like characters in ‘When Harry met Sally’ and ‘Pulp Fiction’ in order to recreate iconic scenes for hilarious pics! However, it is not only American diners where you can break out the hen party themes, as having brunch at one of the many Victorian manors located throughout the UK and Ireland will give you and the ladies the chance to make the brunch ‘Downtown Abbey’ themed! Whatever theme you opt for, the pictures will look so good from the brunch, viewers will believe you paid for a professional photoshoot!

Image Credits: Time Out | Pop Sugar | Pinterest | Trip Advisor | IMDB

By choosing one of these ideas for a hen party brunch will go down a treat with you ladies, so give them a try on your weekend away!

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