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Top 9 Stag Do Drinking Board Games


There is nothing quite like a drinking game to get the stag night celebrations started. Drinking games can really bring everyone on the stag do together and having fun as part of a group. Playing stag do drinking board games takes drinking games to a new level and adds a bit of nostalgia to the weekend as everyone loved to play a board game when they were younger! Here we reveal our top 9 stag do drinking board games!

Wheel of Misfortune


This fun drinking game includes a number of forfeits and dares that is sure to get everyone laughing on the stag weekend. The game consists of a spinning board and 4 shot glasses which need filled up and then it is time to spin the wheel. Whatever the wheel lands on will be the forfeit that player has to do which could be anything like “Down your drink” to “Do 10 push ups”.

Shot Roulette


When looking for fantastic stag do drinking board games, Shot Roulette is a fantastic twist on the classic game of roulette by adding shot glasses and alcohol. A roulette wheel and 16 numbered shot glasses are included and the game is suitable for 2-8 people. Whatever number the ball lands on in this stag do game, you must drink the shot with that number on the glass! This game is very easy to play and a great idea for the stag weekend.

Drinking Dartboard


Any fan of darts will love this stag do game. Drinking Dartboard consists of a velcro dartboard that you and the stags will throw a ball or darts at that will stick to it. The sections on the board aren’t like a normal board but instead they are rules and forfeits such as “Drink”, “Shot” or ‘Nominate”. Let’s see who can unleash their inner Michael van Gerwen on the stag do!



This stag do drinking board game combines all the classic drinking games such as Kings Cup, High/Low, Spin the Bottle, Beer Pong, Flip Cup and more! Your Drink-a-Palooza game comes with beer pong balls (specially weighted), mini beer bottles and six-pack game pieces, spin the bottle for selecting your opponents, playing cards and dice. The first person to fill up their 6 pack with beer bottles wins and you are sure to have a lot of drinks and forfeits on the way! Stag do drinking board games such as Drink-a-Palooza will not disappoint!



Pass-Out is a brilliant and easy to play drinking board game where each player rolls a dice and move around the board whilst taking a drink whenever the board instructs to do so whenever you pass go, you must pick up a pink elephant card that contains a tongue twister that must be recited correctly 3 times to keep the card. The first person with 10 cards wins! This is sure to be a stag do game that will have everyone laughing when people start slurring their words!

Tipsy Land


If you're looking for a fun stag do drinking board games then Tipsy Land is a great idea. The players follow a trail that eventually leads to a bar and the first person to reach it, wins. Each person rolls the dice on their go and moves forward that amount of spaces. There are traps and short cuts on the way and the traps include forfeits like “x2” where the player has to take 2 shots should he land on it! Tipsy Land shot game will definitely get your group of lads in the mood to party on the stag night!

Wheel of Shots


Grab some alcohol and shot glasses and play Wheel of Shots drinking game on the stag weekend and you are sure to have a fun time and get a little bit tipsy! Everyone will get the chance to spin the wheel and you could be lucky by it landing on “Lose Your Turn” or you could land on “Take a Shot” or “Dare”. The fun is in the risk and everyone in the group will have a great time playing this stag do game!

Ship-Wrecked Drinking Game


Everyone loved the game Battleships when they were younger and now you can play the cheeky adult version before the stag night to get yourselves in party mode! This 2 player game will see the 2 players put shot glasses in secret locations on a Battleship type board. Whenever the opposite player hits your shot glass, then you must down that shot! The stag with the last shot glass remaining on the board will win. This stag do game is extremely easy to play indwell bring back memories of the brilliant Battleships games you played in your youth!



Monopoly is one of the most famous stag do drinking board games in history and Drinkopoly is a great twist on the game involving alcohol! Played on a similar board to Monopoly with 44 spaces to land on including bars and clubs where you must take a drink at. Other fields include stag do dares and forfeits that are on the cards provided. The winner is the person who makes it through the challenges and to the end of the journey first but be warned, that person might also be the most drunk when you leave for the stag night!

As you can see, there is a range of hilarious stag do drinking board games out there that will have everyone in your stag group having fun and getting tipsy before the stag night! We hope you enjoy them and remember to drink responsibly!

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