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Top 6 Last Night of Freedom Themed Movies


In the wake of the release of ‘Rough Night’ in theatres, I am utterly compelled to travel through the annals of time and outline the Top 6 ‘Last Night of Freedom’ Themed Movies. These films are all comedies as you can imagine—as fun and laughter is the backbone on which you can build a good hen or stag party! I’ll begin the list in descending order, culminating with what I believe to be the single greatest hen or stag film of all time. Now that all the logistics are out of the way, let’s begin!

6. Bachelorette (2012)


This film is wild! Starring Rebel Wilson, Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan (and produced by Will Ferrell no less), this film is a real diamond in the rough. This movie details the familiar story of beautiful and successful people delving into a world of sex and drugs, all the while trying to fix the bride-to-be’s wedding dress—as it had been ripped amidst the chaos.

Don’t believe the bad reviews, as they are dominated by reviewers slating the postive portrayal of drugs and licentiousness in the film (ever watched Wolf of Wall Street??). It’s true that this film is no bedtime story, and this dark comedy never claimed to be.

Despite being the lowest rated of this list on IMDB, I would urge you to hold all judgement until you have seen it! I was once caught in the IMDB bug myself, turning my nose up at films and shows based on ‘popular’ opinion. But popular opinion is not your opinion! Give the film a chance, you may be pleasantly surprised.

5. Very Bad Things (1998)


Whereas Bachelorette takes the angle of the ‘Last Night of Freedom’ as a license to revel in excess, this film takes an subtly moralistic approach, outlining how lifting the constraints of modern etiquette can result in horrible atrocities being committed (and they ain’t talking ‘bout cheating)!

If Bachelorette was a dark comedy, this is a ‘darker than black’ comedy! (unintentional Fifty Shades reference). Including stellar acting in a movie which stars Christian Slater, Daniel Stern and Cameron Diaz, this film engenders around the question of whether men are inherently evil, or whether they come to be evil due to life experiences.

Again, this film got a bad rap, and I would argue this is due to people taking it too seriously. The film is incredibly dark, no escaping that—so for the faint of heart, this probably isn’t the one for you. If you can stomach the gore however, this comedy is a real gut-buster! (poor choice of words).

4. American Wedding (2003)


Starring Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Eugene Levy and Seann William Scott, the third instalment in the American Pie franchise follows the marriage of Jim and Michelle, with Stifler organising the ‘Last Night of Freedom’ for Jim. As expected, the film is hilarious, sex-fuelled and cringeworthy! I have a certain degree of nostalgia for this film—standing to reason why it’s high on this list. I believe that you never can never get enough of Eugene Levy as Jim’s Dad, who is an utter triumph in every American Pie movie he appears in.

3. Bachelor Party (1984)


It’s Tom Hanks, its a comedy—need I say more?
Well if you insist… This 80’s classic paved the way for teen sex comedies like American Pie. A surprising success when first released, a young Tom Hanks plays a groom-to-be who is treated to a bachelor party for the ages by his friends. With alcohol, strippers and a doped-out donkey, Bachelor Party upsets the apple cart on this list with a comedy that exceeds expectations!

What’s more, this film serves as a real nostalgia trip for hen and stags who miss 80’s comedies, which were arguably given more free reign to be funny. Like previous mentions on this list, the reviews don’t tell the whole story, as they are largely clouded by puritan opinions that criticise the lack of morality present in the film. Colour me perplexed—I didn’t realise IMDB was filled with reviewers that purely watch French Symbolist plays.

2. Bridesmaids (2011)


I’m sure you were wondering, ‘where the hell is Bridesmaids on this list?’ Well wonder no longer. This now iconic film stars Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Rose Bryne, telling a tale of warring bridesmaids vying to prove themselves to be the bride-to-be’s best friend.

As rip-roaring comedy combined with poignant sentiment to fill in the gaps, Bridesmaids is a film that will stand the test of time. What makes this chick flick so enjoyable is how unconventional it is as a ‘chick flick’. As aforementioned, I don’t go off popular opinion, but I do take advise from friends—and the fact that both I (as a male) and my mates enjoyed this chick flick speaks volumes to how funny the film is.

1. Hangover (2009)


This film needs no introduction (like every use of this verbatim, the sentiment is followed by an contradictory introduction). Behold the most iconic stag do film of all time, starring Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms. Four set off a stag party to Vegas, as you do, but things quickly get out of hand when they wake up the morning after the stag night to find that they can’t remember a thing (standard), with the added pang that they can’t find the groom-to-be. The three remaining stags then set off on a journey retracing their steps hoping to find their lost friend in time for his wedding. What’s more, this is just the first in a trilogy of Hangover films, so once the original has thoroughly entertained you, you can enjoy the subsequent sequels thereafter!

This film tops the list due to an unconventional twist on a stereotypical ‘night in Vegas’. This film is utterly bizarre, with new characters being introduced at regular intervals as the lads attempt to piece together their night out like detectives at a crime scene. So in conclusion, It’s like Oedipus Rex, but with Mike Tyson. Say no more—take my money good sir.

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So there you have it! That was the top ‘last night of freedom themed movies of all time! If you enjoyed this blog and would like to read more, check them out here!


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