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Top 25 Hen Party Games


Why play hen party games?

Suitable for all ages – hen party games are suitable for all ages young and old and helps get everyone involved!

Great icebreaker – games can act as the ultimate icebreaker and a clever way to get all the ladies mingling and participating together!

Lots of laugh out loud moments
– With games comes a lot of laugh out loud moments from hilarious baby photos to the bride-to-be’s funniest moments! Expect lots of laughs with our tear-jerker games!

Prizes at Stake - Prizes and gifts are a great way to get all the ladies competitive as they play many exciting games! With prizes at stake, your games are sure to be interesting!

To help inspire you, below is a list of our top hen party games:

Predictions for the Wedding

This is a super fun game that will have all the guests mingling and giggle aloud! It is only natural for the wedding guests to speculate and wonder what will happen on the big day! This game gives the ladies the perfect opportunity to place bets on their predictions!

How to play:

All you need for this game is a pen and a piece of paper and of course a series of whacky questions for the ladies to answer! You may decide to include the following:

- What will the first dance song be?
- What will be the Bride and Grooms signature drink?
- Will the groom be able to tie his own bow tie?
- How late will the Bride be to her own wedding?
- What flavours will be in the wedding cake?
- Who will cry first?
- How long will the speeches last?

For each question that is correct on the wedding day, each hen will be presented with a prize! This is sure to get the ladies thinking spontaneously at the celebrations over a glass of bubbly! 

Get making your hilarious predictions with this laugh out loud hen party game!

Sweetheart Icebreakers Hen Party Game

Sweetheart icebreaker is a fun and light-hearted game that is sure to get the celebrations underway and relieve any awkward silences during the hen party celebrations!

How to play:

With icing, write down keywords on cupcakes or cookies, from what’s hot on the news to keywords associated to the hen party or wedding!

With each cupcake or cookie you eat, you must have a conversation with the person closest to you about the subject written on the snack no matter how random it may seem!

It is indeed a great way to get stranger turning into friends and a fabulous way to kickstart the day! Make full use of the hen party celebrations with Sweetheart Icebreaker!

Balloon Question Time

Balloon question time is a superb game to get the celebrations underway! With this game you have the chance to ask the bride-to-be something you always wanted to! Expect lots of laughs!

How to play:

For this game you will need balloons and lots of them!
Get each member of the hen party to write down a question on a piece of paper and place it into separate balloons!

Throughout the course of the evening, have each guest pop the balloons and make the bride-to-be answer the question which has been written down!If she does not answer, she must then carry out a forfeit by her hens!

This hen party game sure is the perfect way to get all the ladies giggling aloud over a glass of bubbly as they listen to but sweet and naughty truths from the bride-to-be!


Jenga is a childhood favourite of many ladies but this hen do version will have all the ladies on edge, it is indeed one of the most creative hen party games to help kickstart the celebrations in style! This game takes a bit of preparation and time but it is so worth it!

How to play:

On each jenga block write ‘down a drink’ or a dare and stack the jenga up in a neat tower! The drinks or dares can be as random as you want them to be!

Each hen must remove a jenga block from the tower and carry out the dare or take a little sip (or big sip) from the drink written on the block!

This must keep going until the tower eventually falls!
Jenga is the ultimate icebreaker and a great way to get the ladies giggling aloud! It is indeed the perfect game if you have a steady hand and a keen eye!

Poem Parade

Poem parade is a classic hen party game and a fab way to get the celebrations underway! This game is indeed suitable for ladies of all ages and requires the hens getting their thinking hats on!

How to play:

For this hen party game you will need to divide your ladies into groups, this can be as little as to or as large as 10!

Each group most compose their very own poem for the bride-to-be! The poem can be as sweet or as naughty as you want it to be!
Be sure to link the poem to the chosen hen party theme, celebrations or even the bride-to-be!

The ladies must rehearse and recite the poem in front of the whole hen party!

The bride-to-be must then rate each poem out of ten. The winning group will receive a prize!

The quirky poems are sure to create fond memories for all the ladies and could possibly produce the most amazing one hit wonder that all the ladies will still remember in years to come!

Pass The Parcel

Pass the parcel is sure to bring the fun factor as well as the childish side out in all the hens! This game will give the ladies the perfect opportunity to reminisce over gifts that may be sentimental to the bride-to-be! Expect lots of tears!

How to play:

Get all the ladies to bring a gift that may be of sentimental value to the bride-to-be.

The gifts must then be wrapped with several layers of wrapping paper.

All the ladies must then sit in a circle with music playing and once the music stop in intervals the person holding the gift must unwrap the gift.

This must keep going until the gift is finally revealed.
The bride-to-be must then guess who brought the gift and why!
For a game that will have all the ladies feeling nostalgic, Pass the Parcel is sure to please!

Bingo Card

If you’re looking for a quirky and light-hearted hen party brainteaser, Bingo Card is a superb choice! This game takes a little bit of organising by you and your besties but it is ideal when accompanied by a spot of afternoon tea!

How to play:

The hens must carefully write down a list of gifts they think the bride-to-be will receive!

As the bride-to-be opens the presents, the hens must mark off the presents they have written down.Once a hen gets 6 in a row, they must shout ‘Bingo!’ at the top of the lungs!

The lucky hen will receive a well-deserved bottle of prosecco or box of chocolates for her great efforts!

Bingo Card is sure to bring out the competitive side in all your lovely ladies, let the fun begin!


Pictionary is a simple yet effective hen party game that is guaranteed to be a bundle of laughs and something for hens of all ages to enjoy!

How to play:

For this game you will need a few pages and colourful markers and you are good to go!

In groups, create numerous masterpieces on the pages required.
Remember to keep the drawings related to the hen party or hen party theme!

The group with the most relevant drawings or the best drawing will receive a prize!

Help get your ladies in the hen party spirit with Pictionary! This old school classic will certainly not disappoint!

Memory Lane

This is the perfect game to get the ladies laughing out loud as well emotional as they look back on fond memories with the bride-to-be!

How to play:

Ask all the hens to write down on a piece of paper when or how they first met the bride-to-be!

During the hen party, place all of the memories from each hen into a hat and get the bride-to-e to pull out each memory one by one!
The bride-to-be must then read out the memory and try match it to the correct hen!

If she gets it wrong, she must then carry out a forfeit or care suggested by her lovely hens!

Memory Lane is an essential game in order to kickstart the celebrations and to ensure all the hens have an unforgettable hen night!

Wine Tasting

This game is ideal for all the wine enthusiasts of the group as they put their knowledge to the test! Find out who is the biggest lover of fine wine amongst the cheeky hens!

How to play:

Before carrying out Wine Tasting, the ladies must be seating down around a table.

The wine should be sealed or covered up to ensure that no daring hens try to pull a fast one!

Each hen will be given a small glass of wine whereby they taste it and write down the type of wine as well as the brand!

Once the hens have wrote down their answer, they will move on to the next bottle of wine and so forth!

Once all the bottles have been tasted and the marks added up, the winner will be presented with a prize (a bottle of wine of course!).

Wine Tasting gives the ladies the perfect excuse to drink some fine wine to help mark the occasion! Not only does it bring the fun factor, but it also helps bring out the competitiveness out in all the lovely ladies!

Funny Mr and Mrs Questions

Find out how well the Bride-to-be really knows her man with this lighthearted game! Expect lots of laughs!

How to play:

Write down a list of fun and whacky questions to ask the Bride-to-be regarding her fiancé, they can be as sweet or as naughty as you want them to be! For every question she gets wrong, the bride-to-be must carry out a forfeit suggested by her ladies!

You may decide to include:

- Would you trust him to choose your wedding dress?
- What time does your wedding start at?
- What is your partner's special name for you? And yours for them?
- Who wears the trousers in your relationship?
- Would you rather spend an evening out with his parents or your parents?
- What were your partner's exact words when he proposed?
- What dinner does your partner detest?
- What is your partner's worst habit?
- Where did you go for your first date?
- What is their favourite film?
- What is their favourite album?
- Which teacher did your partner fancy at school?
- What was their most embarrassing moment?
- What would your partner grab in a fire? (apart from you!)
- If your partner could have any superpower what would it be & why?
- What is your partner's best joke or impression?
- Which Celebrity do they have a crush on?

For a game that is guaranteed to get all the ladies in the party spirit, be sure to check out Funny Mr and Mrs Questions!

Naughty Mr & Mrs Questions

Naughty Mr & Mrs Questions are a great way to ask the bride-to-be something you always wanted to know, the questions can be as rude or as risky as you want!

How to play:

Write down a series of questions on a piece of paper to ask the bride-to-be. Choose from our selection of naughty Mr and Mrs Questions:

- What was the naughtiest thing you partner ever did at school?
- What is your partner’s favourite sexual position?
- What is you and your partner’s most adventurous/risky place you’ve ever had sex?
- How many dates did you go on before you slept with your partner?
- Where is your partner’s favourite place to have sex?
- What would your partner prefer to dress you as?
- If your partner could have a wild night of passion with any celebrity who would it be?
- Boobs or Bum?
- What is your partner’s best feature?

For a game that will have all the ladies intrigued, Naughty Mr & Mrs Questions sure does tick all the right boxes!

Embarrassing Photo Contest

Kickstart the celebrations with Embarrassing Photo Contest, it is the perfect icebreaker and sure to get all the hens talking out loud!

How to play:

To ply embarrassing photo content, each member of the bridal party must bring an embarrassing photo of the bride-to-be!
The images will then be pinned to a display wall for the whole party to see and for the bride-to-be to cringe!
The bride-to-be must then guess who brought the photo and give a reason why!

Embarrassing Photo Contest is guaranteed to have everyone in floods of laughter but also feeling nostalgic at the same time!

Bluff Hen Party Game

The aim of Bluff is for each hen to try to be the first to get rid of all their cards! This game can be won by honesty, bluffing.. or maybe both! For a game to get the ladies in party mode, this is sure to be right up your street!

How to play:

Get your girls to sit around a table in a circle and deal out the full deck evenly to each hen. The aim of the game is to be the first to get rid of your cards. The hen who’s first to lay down their cards facedown calls out something like ‘Two Jacks’; she might be telling the truth, a half truth or a complete lie.

If a fellow hen decides the first hen is lying she says "bluff". The cards are turned over and if the accuser is right she must take her cards back. If the accuser is wrong and the first hen was telling the truth, then she must pick up the cards. Whoever is guilty must be punished; this could be something like downing the rest of a drink, doing a shot or writing down a dare that the hen must do during or after the game.

Later in the game when the cards that the hens are getting rid of are stacking up, this is the pile the bluffer or the accuser who falsely accused a fellow hen must pick up and try to get rid of all over again. The game begins with Aces and goes down through the deck and back to Aces again if the game is still going.

This laugh out loud game will continue until a lucky hen gets rid of all her cards. The ultimate loser can be determined by continuing play until the last two players battle it out for the title of biggest bluffer!

For the ladies that want to chance their luck with a deck of cards, be sure to play Bluff!

Bride-to-be Quiz

How well do the hens know the bride-to-be? Find out with this fun party game! Test your hens using trivia about the bride whether it be her preferences on certain topics or occurrences that have taken place throughout her life!

How to play:

This game can be conducted in many ways but firstly you are going to have to think up of questions about her and as a member of the bridal party this should be a piece of cake! If you need some inspiration look into her past such as where she grew up, school, university and her career. It would also be useful to ask her about her ‘favourites’ for example her favourite song. This should be able to provide many questions such as food, TV, hobbies and make up!

Whatever line of questioning you go down, double check all the answers with the bride-to-be to avoid any embarrassing moments on the hen party! It would also be a good idea to hand pick the questions so that you are asking your hens the trickiest questions as possible!

So you’ve done the prep, all is left is to be the quiz mistress! You will need pens and paper for every hen. It would be a good idea to break the questions into rounds so that you can reveal the correct answers not long after you have read the question out! Get the hens to swap pages to mark them so there is no cheating! Also this way they will see any ridiculously bad answers from their fellow ladies!

The hen or hens with the most correct answers will have proved they know the bride-to-be the best! Prizes can be given out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

For a game that requires the ladies to get their thinking hats on, you cannot go wrong with a Bride-to-be quiz!

Kings Hen Party Game

Kings, also known as the ‘Circle Of Death’ is the perfect example of a thrilling and intense party game! It is so easy to play and an excellent way get the celebrations underway!

How to play:

Get one of your hens to shuffle the deck of cards and place them face down in a rough circle around an empty pint glass. Then pick someone to begin by picking up a card and showing it to the hen group. Each card number and royal card represents a task that the individual hen or the hen do group must complete before the next hen can take her turn.

- Card number 2 = ‘Make a Rule’ (The hen who picks this card can decide for example that if you have to take a drink at any time during the rest of the game then your poor fellow hen ‘Hannah’ has to drink with you!).
- Card number 3 = ‘Rotation’ (Change the direction the game was being played)
- Card number 4 = ‘Snake Eyes’ (When this card is picked, the hen who chose it is known as ‘snake eyes’ and when they make eye contact with anyone else in the group, that hen must drink!)
- Card number 5 = ‘Five fingers’ (Whoever chooses this card must drink five fingers of their drink)
- Card number 6 = ‘Categories’ (Pick a category like famous male singers and go round in a circle. Every hen girl must give a correct answer in turn or they have to take a drink)
- Card number 7 = ‘Seventh heaven’ (All players have to point towards the ceiling. The last hen to realise what they have to do has to take a drink)
- Card number 8 = ‘Waterfall’ (The hen who picks this card starts drinking and everyone follows in turn. No hen can stop drinking until the hen that started drinking before them stops)
- Card number 9 = ‘Busta Ryhme’ (The player who chooses this card says a line like ‘This game is the best’ and the next hen has to say something that rhymes with that and so on. Any hen who can’t think of a rhyming line has to take a drink)
- Card number 10 = ‘It’s all me me me!’ (The poor hen who picks this card must take a drink)
- Jack = ‘Jackass’ (The unlucky hen who chooses this card must take a drink when anyone else drinks until someone draws another suit of Jack)
- Queen = ‘Chugger’ (The hen who gets this must down their entire drink)
- King = ‘The drink of shame’ (When a king is picked that hen player must pour some of her drink into the pint glass in the middle of the circle of cards. The unfortunate hen who picks the last king must down the entire pint glass!)
- Ace = 'Touch your face' (The last person to touch their face has to down their entire drink!)

Can you and your hens keep up? There’s only one way to find out!

Pin the Tail on the Male

The childhood favourite party game Pin the Tail has been designed with a slight twist to ensure all the ladies are impressed! Expect lots of giggles with this one!

How to play:

Before assembling your hens ensure that there is a large print out of the groom, we recommend at least an A3 size to maximise coverage! Stick the A3 picture to a large piece of cardboard and cut around the life sized, but quieter version of the groom!
You now have a cardboard cut out of your groom, ready to be unveiled to play this eye watering hen party game.

Your hens now need to decide on a tail to pin to your unlucky groom. This can be anything from a normal tail to any other body part! Print out your tail and stick to another piece of cardboard, and cut to shape.

Don't forget the blindfold… You can now position your blindfolded hen in front of the groom, tail at the ready!

Once the tail has been pinned, the initials of the hen can be added to the groom to mark which hen has came the closest.

Repeat for each member of the hen party.

The hen that places the tail closest to the correct position wins or looses, you decide!

Pain the Tail on the Male is a great way for the bride-to-be to share a laugh or two with her hens before the big day!

Oven Mitts n’ Tights

Forget the oven and use the mitts! This hilarious games are sure to catch your hens off balance!

Please note girls that this game does not have to be played in the kitchen!

How to play:

Bring a few pairs of tights to your hen party to ensure that there is no shortage of tights!

Honouring the bride by assigning her as the referee, assemble your hens into a circle with the mitts and tights in the centre.

Each hen will now take it in turns in a race to pull up the tights around their waist using only the oven mitts on their hands, believe us it is a lot harder than it sounds hens!

The time for each hen to complete the task will be recorded and judged by the referee to ensure there are no cheeky hens!

The fastest hen wins a prize, and ultimately gets to keep the tights from this speed based hen party game that is sure to put everyone in a good mood.

Let’s see how talented your ladies really are with Oven Mitts n’ Tights!

Dress the Bride

Have you ever done fancy dress before? Well these hen party games screams fancy dress with a twist!

How to play:

All your hens have to do is bring one fancy dress item with them for the bride to wear. This can be anything from hideous clothing to funky wigs, the aim of the game is to embarrass the bride-to-be!

Another fun feature of the game is for the bride to guess which fancy dress item has been brought by which hen. You’d be surprised at who points the finger at who!

You can base your fancy dress around a hen party theme or budget. An example of a popular theme is ‘bride gone wrong’ in which the maid of honour decides what is worthy enough to be placed upon the bride. To make things more interesting split your hen party into groups and compete to produce the best fancy dressed bride!

Once the bride has been fully dressed, she can then decide which hen is worthy of receiving a special prize for bringing the best fancy dress item.

Obviously, it is hen party game tradition to ensure that the hen party is never forgotten by taking plenty of photographs, which we are sure will come in useful in the near future!

Who needs a designer when you have the bestest of friends? Be sure to play Dress the Bride!

Banned Words

Banned words is one of the easiest games around and offers a great chance for the hen party to try and catch each other out! The famous saying "think before you speak" really is the best way to win your way through this quirky game!

How to play:

The game "Banned Words" like the name suggests is all about banning words! Simply pick a selection of words that no one in the hen do group is allowed to say throughout either the hen night or even the entire hen weekend. Any girl that utters any of the banned words is fined on the spot with either an exciting hen party dare or a nasty penalty shot!

Commonly used words are always a winner as girls across the hen night are guaranteed to get caught out. Those hen parties that have devilment in them will off course be doing their very best to try and get their fellow ladies caught-out by trying to get them to mistakenly say one of the words.

Banned Words is the perfect party game to entertain your ladies - what are you waiting for?


Not every flock of hens will appreciate games that involve drinking shots. This game is both innocent and great fun, getting every hen involved in the fun! They will also bring back a few childhood memories!

How to play:

Head to the sweetie store and pick up a candy necklace for every hen in the group. Each hen is then given their own candy necklace to wear. The aim is to hit the town and have every piece of the necklace eaten off by a strange guy.

The man eating the necklace must put his hands behind his back (yes ladies he will need to pay plenty of attention to your neck)! Only one piece of candy per guy (one candy piece = more guys)
so ladies get the candy necklaces on and hit the town for a hen night to be remembered. You are all sure to make a lasting impression on your chosen venues. Single hens will of course have good reason to celebrate with this hen party winner as they also attempt to earn a cheeky kiss!

Who thought a candy necklace could be so much fun? Thanks to our fellow bachelorette's in the USA for coming up with this easy but fun party game.

Pop the Question

The groom-to-be is likely to have popped the question to the lovely bride-to-be but its now her turn to pop the questions to all her ladies in this "truth or dare" version. Games like Pop The Question are a great way of getting to know the ladies a little better!

How to play:

This game does take a little time to organise but well worth it!
Start by cutting up 20 strips of paper that you know can be rolled up and fitted into a balloon. On each individual strip of paper write a question that the bride-to-be will have to answer. The questions can be about anything but the aim is to get a good laugh out of the bride-to-be's answers. You may want to put in a few embarrassing questions that you know she will struggle to answer. Every question that she decides not to answer will result in a forfeit shot!

Once you have all twenty questions written out it's time to roll each one up and put them into their own balloon. When the balloons are all filled with a question you then blow them up!

On the hen night get the hens into a circle and put some of the balloons into the middle of the floor. The bride-to-be is then given a pin and will burst each balloon one by one whilst either answering the question or choosing to do a forfeit shot. Expect lots of laughs and a potentially drunk if not embarrassed bride-to-be!

Off course if you want there is no reason why each hen can't take their turn at answering a question- the bride-to-be may need your help!

Time to get the balloons out and shots at the ready!

Toilet Paper Couture

The name ‘Toilet Paper Couture’ does not sound so appealing but the fun definitely does. Hen party games like this one certainly bring out the creative side amongst all you girls! The idea behind this hen do game is very simple, all you need is lots of toilet paper and an imagination!

How to play:

Depending on how many hens are present and counted, one or two hens can volunteer or be nominated by the other girls to be the glamorous model. The aim of this exciting game is to create the dream wedding dress out of toilet paper!

Play in teams or simply as a group to create the wedding dress that others will die for!

Roughly between 10 to 15 minutes should be ample tinker time for all your masterpieces.

Once the imagination has run wild amongst your hens, it’s now time for the girls to strut their stuff down the imaginary catwalk in front of the most critical judge, the bride-to-be!

A fun addition to the hen party game might be to get each team or hen to talk the bride through their design and where they got the inspiration from. Expect a few too many laughs at this stage!

Top Tip: If it hasn't already dawned on you hens, you don’t have to just use toilet paper. Why not get your hands on anything white - feathers, old bed sheets, fur or paper. You can also introduce different colours for your hens to toy with to make it one of the most unforgettable hen party games.

Let your ladies minds run wild with Toilet Paper Couture!

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is the perfect way to get the competitive and wild side out in the ladies! It is guaranteed to get everyone in game mood on this fun weekend!

How Play

To play Scavenger Hunt all the ladies must be divided into teams - the teams can be any size you want but the bigger the better! This game works best in towns or cities!

Once the teams are sorted, the teams are then given a list of items that they must find in the ‘Scavenger Hunt.’ These items can be as crazy or as random as you want them to be, from a selfie with the best looking bar man to a mans piece of clothing!

For Scavenger Hunt hen party game, groups can either stick together or go off separately for the chance to finish quicker and beat their rival teams!

Once all the items on the list are found, the team must then race back to the finish line in order to be victorious!

The losing team(s) must do a dare or a challenge that the winning has suggested!

Things are sure to get very interesting with Scavenger Hunt!

Guess the Bottom

Guess the Bottom entails of some lighthearted fun for you and the ladies to mark this special occasion! Let’s see how well the bride to be knows her cheeky hens with this brainteaser!

How to play:

For Guess the Bottom, all the ladies must take a bottom selfie before the hen party has commenced! Once this has been completed, the bottom selfies must then be printed out and ready for the hen party!

The bride to be must then guess which bottom belongs to which of her hens!

For each bottom selfie the bride to be gets wrongs, she must carry out a punishment or dare suggested by her hens!

Guess the Bottom is the perfect game to get all the ladies laughing out loud!

So there you have it, our top 25 hen party games that are guaranteed to mark the occassion in style! Be inspired and play these laugh out loud games at the celebrations!

For more ideas and inspiratio, check out our hen party games!

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