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The Coolest 12 Pubs of Christmas Jumpers


The Winter is here, temperature’s have plummeted and Christmas is just around the corner which means it is time to ditch the t-shirts on your stag night out and get into the festive spirit by donning a Christmas jumper. Every year there seems to be new Christmas jumper ideas that are hilarious yet still cool enough to wear on a night out, whether that be on a 12 Pubs of Christmas or a festive stag do. Over the years we have seen brilliant reindeer jumpers, Santa jumpers, Snowman jumpers and even those with Christmas lights on them. Here we reveal some of the coolest Christmas jumpers around that will make you stand out from the crowd on your nights out over the festive period!

3D Christmas Jumpers


Some of the funniest Christmas jumpers are those 3D jumpers that have decorations on them. A Christmas Tree Christmas Jumper that has 3D decorations on it such as baubles and tinsel is a popular option around the festive period. Reindeer Christmas Jumpers with 3D red noses and Snowman Christmas Jumpers with 3D carrot noses are two other very popular choices to wear on a Christmas night out. For any of you lads having a stag do at Christmas, there are a few cheekier jumpers that you may decide to choose! These include Snowman jumpers that have the snowman upside down so that the carrot for a nose looks like something else! The crazier the better!

Light-Up Christmas Jumpers


Choosing to wear a light-up Christmas jumper is a great way to stand out from the crowd! Not only are they a unique bit of clothing that you will never get to wear at any other time of year, but they are great fun and you will get a lot of attention! These types of jumpers can come in many forms such as Reindeer Jumpers with light up noses, Christmas tree jumpers with Christmas lights on them, Fireplace jumpers that have stocking on the mantelpiece and a light up fire or a Christmas jumper with a lit up star on it!

Sports Team Christmas Jumpers


Sports teams now all have online superstores where you can buy their merchandise such as jerseys and jackets throughout the year. At Christmas time, a lot of these teams release festive merchandise such as their own Christmas jumpers, wooly hats and gloves. This is a great opportunity for you guys to buy a Christmas jumper to show you support for the team that you love! Whether you sports is basketball, football or rugby, most clubs now release their own branded festive clothing. A few examples of this are Arsenal Christmas jumpers, Leeds United Christmas jumpers or Rugby Christmas jumpers for your national team, whether that be England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales.

We hope to have given you guys the inspiration to go out and get one of the coolest Christmas jumpers out there that will make you stand out from the crowd and be a real conversation starter. Whether you wear it on your winter stag night, christmas party or at a 12 pubs of Christmas, you are sure to create a lot of laughs while still looking cool! 

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