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Tequila Roulette Stag Do Game

Tequila Roulette Stag Do Game

Tequila Roulette stag do game will provide you lads with the element of surprise!

Before starting you need to get as many shot glasses as there are players and fill them all with water and arrange them in a circle around a bottle or any other thing you can spin.

The first person up spins the bottle and necks the shot that it lands on and then refills it with tequila! Should the next person up land on the tequila shot, they must down it and replace it with water!

As the game goes on, it gets very hard to know which shot glasses have tequila, and which have water!

Tequila roulette is an exciting stag do game and of course, tequila can be replaced with any other shot if you lads don’t fancy it!

Image Credits: Pintrest

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