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Tanya’s Vintage Hen Party In Galway


Searching for vintage inspiration? We reveal recent Bride-To-Be Tanya's gorgeous vintage themed hen party which took place in the highly popular Galway City!

Tanya contacted the team at Boudoir Girls to arrange her hen party which she wanted to take place in the quirky “Cupàn Tae” near Quay street in Galway. Natalie from Boudoir Girls explains: "We opted to shoot at Cupàn Tae for the atmosphere and setting and with a view out onto the Spanish Arch it was quite spectacular. When I met her I immediately thought she was the image of the disney character Snow White!"


As Natalie alludes to, the private dining room at Cupàn Tae perfectly reflected the desired theme of Tanya’s hen party, as this room has a classy ‘Gatsby-esque’ feel to it.


As you can see from the photos, Tanya clearly enjoyed her hen party in association with Boudoir Girls, Cupàn Tae—and Galway city of course! With that said, here are some features of each that may inspire you to try something similar to Tanya on your own hen.

Boudoir Girls


Boudoir Girls are a talented bunch that strive to make your hen party as glamourous as possible. You can opt for a makeover, a photoshoot—or both. Choose your own photoshoot theme—ranging from glamourous to hysterical, you will then strike a pose and have a terrific time with your girls. There’s no need to worry—Natalie will get your good side.

If you're on a budget, you can decide to do your own makeup and theme prior to arriving for the candid photoshoot. This was evident from Tanya’s hen party, as Natalie said that “All the ladies had come in their own vintage style attire and we accessorised with glasses, fans and cute props etc.”

Cupàn Tae


Cupàn Tae is the home of the best afternoon tea in Ireland! They offer a positively comprehensive range of teas, gifts and accessories, with the private room separate for group bookings. As you step through the world renowned Spanish Arch, you will relax in sophisticated surroundings coupled with a picturesque backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean.

Why Galway


Galway is one of Ireland’s top hen party destinations, with Galway City continually buzzing year round due to its close proximity to the university, not to mention being just minutes from Galway bay. People flock here from around the world year in and year out to to enjoy the vibrant nightlife and vast range of hen party activities. Its also close to Salthill, where there are sandy beaches and fairgrounds that are big tourist attractions.

Image Credits: Boudoir Girls | Fotolia

It goes without saying that Tanya had an amazing time with her vintage themed hen party in Galway city, as an afternoon tea at Cupàn Tae, coupled with a Boudoir girls photoshoot—made for a hen party worth writing about!

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