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T-Shirt Checklist Stag Do Game

T-Shirt Checklist Stag Do Game

Are you guys looking to stitch up the stag? T-shirt checklist is a classic and one of the greatests stag do games to get the celebrations underway! 

A little preparation is needed before the stag weekend as a personalised check list t-shirt is needed. On this printed t-shirt will be a checklist of hilarious ideas or dares!

These ideas may include:

1. Prank the in-laws
2. Down a pint
3. Sing karaoke
4. Do a dance at the bar
5. Ring your mum and tell her you love her
6. Ask a bar lady on a date
7. Text your boss how much you love him/her

This hilarious stag do game will have the rest of the group and onlookers in fits of laughter at the stag antics!


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