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Sten Parties! Joint Hen and Stag Parties Revealed


With all the pressure and money it takes to organise a wedding, lots of couples are now joining together and having joint pre marriage parties to help cut costs. This new craze of stags and hens have become known as Sten parties! Although it may seem odd to spend what is supposed to be your last days of freedom with the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with, there are a number of reasons as to why a Sten party makes perfect sense. Here we reveal the pro’s and con’s of having a joint hen and stag party.



Save Money: The group will save money as group sizes are generally bigger. There can be savings shared to make the weekend a little cheaper for all!

Save Time: Less time will be spent planning as it is likely there will be two chief planners. More time to spend planning the best man's speech and maid of honour duties.

Create Memories with your Partner: If you enjoy spending time with your future wife, the this is a great opportunity to have a great night with her and have a party that will be talked about for years to come.

Single Hen’s Can Meet Single Stag’s: Some of the lad’s might find the woman of his dreams on a Sten party and vice versa of course!

No Trust Issues: There is no need to worry about what each partner is getting up to on a weekend away!



Breaking Tradition: Couple’s having separate hen and stag parties is traditional for a wide range of reasons. We of course are biased to a hen or stag!

Less Relaxed: People may not be able to relax as much on a Sten party compared to heading away on a stag party with a load of mates. Some typical stag do games and fun will be off limits!

Finding Activities Everyone Enjoys: Guys will enjoy activities like shooting more than women, and women will enjoy a pole dancing lesson much more than men!

No Lads Time: There won’t be a chance for you to relax with just the boys and get up to some mischief before the big day!

Personality Clashes: The stag may not like some of the hen’s friends and that could cause annoyance and see people clashing at the Sten party.

Sten parties have their benefits and whether you choose to have one will depend on a lot of things such as how well the stag gets on with the hen party and whether a mutually pleasing activity can be found. We hope that by revealing these pro’s and con’s to you will help you make an informed decision on whether to have a regular stag do with your closest pal’s, or to spend your last night of freedom with the woman your about to spend the rest of your life with! We know which option we would choose...

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