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Stag Party Themes Based On Your Destination


There are many hilarious and popular stag party theme’s out there such as superheroes, Game of Thrones and Star Wars to name but a few. To really mark the celebrations in style your group should consider a stag party theme based on your destination. There are many countries and cities out there that are renowned for certain outfits or legends such as Scotland where men wear kilts or Ireland where Leprechaun’s are stuff of legend! By kitting yourselves out like this in these locations, you are sure to have a great laugh! Here we reveal our top ideas for stag party themes based on your destination!

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Leprechaun Stag Do Theme

Stag do Leprechaun Costume

There is of course only one location where you could pull of the Leprechaun stag do theme perfectly, and that is Ireland! The old myth of small magical people called Leprechaun’s running wild on these shores is world famous. So if you are having a Galway, Dublin, Belfast or Killarney stag do, why not kit yourselves out as Leprechaun’s and you are sure to have a great laugh!

Full leprechaun outfits can be bought in many online stores such as Amazon or eBay. The outfit will consist of of a green blazer, green stocking, a white shirt and dickie bow as well as a black pair of shoes. To top it all off you could add a little pot of gold and shout out phrases such as “Top o’ the morning to ye!”

Braveheart Stag Do Theme


The Braveheart stag do theme is a great idea should your destination be Scotland! Scotland is well known for men wearing traditional kilts on special occasions and no movie is more famous for showing off the kilts than the blockbuster that is Braveheart. Mel Gibson stars as the iconic William Wallace who took on the British Army centuries ago as they invaded his lands! So if you are planning an Edinburgh stag do or a stag weekend in Glasgow, why not try out this fun theme?

A Braveheart costume can also be found in stores such as Amazon and eBay but it is also a very easy costume to create. What is needed is a old jumper/vest on top, a tartan kilt and sash, a long wig, sandals, a sword and blue and white face paint! Be sure to test out your war cry “FREEDOM” when you are out and about!

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Matador Stag Do Theme

Matador Theme

Matador’s are bull fighter’s and although they can be found in many countries such as France, Mexico and Portugal these days, bull fighting originated in Spain. Spain is a hugely popular destination for stag’s from the UK so if you plan on visiting Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza or Magaluf, A Matador stag do theme would be ideal!

The flamboyant matador costume is sure to make you stand out from the crowd and can be bought online in many outlets as well as in Spain itself. The costume consists of tight legging and stockings, a small jacket and shirt as well as a red side cape for the bull to run at! Popular colour schemes for the outfit are red with a gold trim and many matadors also wear a black hat.

Robin Hood Stag Do Theme:

Robin Hood

One of England’s greatest and most famous folklores is that of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. They are usually shown as living in Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, which makes the Robin Hood theme perfect for anyone planning a Nottingham stag do!

The outfit of Robin Hood can also be found easily online and consists of a hooded green shirt, stockings, high boots up to the knee, a belt and of course a bow and arrows..Robin Hood’s famous weapon of choice!

If you are planning a stag do in any one of these locations, make sure to go all out and stand out from the crowd by choosing one of these stag party themes based on your destination. It is sure to be a great laugh and create many fond memories for years to come!

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Image Credits: Herald Scotland | The FW | Pixabay | Den of Geek

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