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Stag Ideas Fit For a Prince


So as you may have heard, the date for Meghan and Harry’s wedding has been set! What you may not have heard however, is that Prince Harry has sought to amend his party animal ways by having a joint “Hag” party with Meghan at a Posh Ski Resort (as per the Mirror).

Interestingly, the Mirror also report that Meghan is set to have a separate Bachelorette party in America, making it appear that Markle is reluctant to let her fiancee off the leash. It’s no real surprise, as Harry has a proven track record of having historically mad parties.

That being said, this leaves a lot of room to speculate on what might have been a Stag Do to end all Stag Do’s! If you were a Prince, and money was no object, what balls out weekend of luxury and debauchery would ensue?

Since Harry’s on his best behaviour and his hag seems rather dull, here are 4 balls out Stag Do locations fit for a Prince!

Las Vegas


They say lightning doesn’t strike twice—and they’re probably right. Harry’s Hag in Switzerland is a far cry from his pool partying past. Nevertheless, as you have recently collected your large inheritance from your distant Nigerian relatives—you don’t have to stay in a century-old monarch’s good books.

As Prince Harry himself will attest, a weekend in Las Vegas can get wild. He visited Sin City back in 2012 for a weekend to remember, revelling in nudity, drunkenness and mad spending—a winning combo if there ever was one!

Dailymail has estimated that he racked up a staggering £30,000 bill over a single weekend at the lavish Wynn Encore Hotel, but due to his Royal status, the bill was waived by it’s gracious billionaire owner. A weekend stay here for your stag would definitely qualify as balls out, as the Wynn Encore is a 5 Star hotel located just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.

If you’re aiming to emulate the lads from The Hangover, you can journey along the strip to some of the city’s stellar casinos, namely Caesars Palace and the Belagio. On the Vegas strip, there’s no better place on earth to enjoy a night of high rolling.

Bora Bora


As a dream honeymoon or retirement destination, Bora Bora is an option for the wealthy gentleman that fancies a more reserved stag. This island is virtually exclusive, as it’s very expensive to get flights to this picturesque corner of French Polynesia.

They say an average night here will set you back $800, and that’s before paying for any extras a lads night might require. That being said, there’s a lot to this island that attracts the rich and famous. The remoteness of the area is favoured by the famous to get peace from the spotlight, and the crystal blue waters surrounding the floating houses can be explored via snorkelling or jet skiing. The waters are also great for fishing and spa relaxation, as well as the sandy beaches coming alive at night with cultural dance performances.



This may seem like an odd addition, but if you happen to be a keen golfer alongside being an eccentric millionaire, Scotland will surely be on your radar. Golf first began in Scotland centuries ago, with the highlands still boasting some of the oldest and greatest courses on the planet.

The first that comes to mind is Muirfield, the oldest golf club in the world! Set in the nation’s capital, you can couple a few rounds on this historic championship course with a weekend stay in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. It costs £235 a head for a round on this course, standing to reason why this activity is reserved for ballers only.

The second course if you’re so inclined is the Royal Aberdeen, the eighth oldest Golf course in the world (who’s counting right?). Overlooking the North Sea, this course is one of the trickiest to play, with brave ballers forking out annually to attempt to tame this celtic beast! It’s £156 per round here, making it quite a reasonable expense for a millionaire.



From the old to the new, Dubai is another location that is a true Golfer’s dream. Unlike the old courses in Scotland however, this floodlit course is available to play 24hrs a day! Even during the day, the Majlis Course at the Emirates Gold Club is regarded as one of the best in the world, at at 475AED for a round (approx £92), the green fees are quite reasonable!

That being said, Dubai has so much to offer its wealthy visitors. As far as Stag parties are concerned, the Dubai World Cup is the promised land—as this event is the richest Horse Racing exhibition in the world! Top jockeys and horses compete here to win the $1 million purse, and A-listers from far and wide gather to get a piece of the action.

Another big attraction to Dubai for ballers is The Dubai Mall, which stands as a staggering showcase of affluence. According to Visit Dubai, VIP shoppers must spend upwards of AED100,000, per month in order to maintain their membership— that’s roughly £19,400! As money is no object, millionaires travel here in droves, as there are few malls that hold a candle to this one.

Another reason why Dubai is so compatible with Princes is the the Polo Club here, as the posh sport of Polo is a popular pastime. Prince Harry himself has played here, making it the probable reason as to why he didn’t organise a Stag Do in Dubai—been there, done that.

Image Credits: Visit Las Vegas | Tahiti.com | Albrecht Golf Guide | Kuoni |

Harry and Meghan’s “hag” may be proof that the Prince has seen it all—and that his mad partying days are well in truly over. If we were him though, we’d choose one of these kickass ideas and make it rain!

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