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Toadie Rebecchi Has His Stag!

There's no doubt that many of us lads were once fans of the Ozzie soap Neighbours down through the years. Like any TV show you grow up with the characters and none more so than "Toadfish" Rebecchi!

Toadie Rebecchi celebrates his stag party!

Most of us grew up watching Neighbours down the years, and we're pretty sure that plenty still do tune in on a daily basis to watch the long running Australian soap which is most famous for bringing Kylie Minogue to fame!

Toadie in action. Image courtesy of Neighbours.com.au

Toadie and his partner Sonya (Eve Morey) are set to get engaged in an upcoming episode, and with a baby also on the way for the couple, Connor O'Neill (Patrick Harvey) decides that the Ramsay Street lawyer needs to have some fun while he can can decides to throw a Stag Party!  

We're sure wild child turned hot shot lawyer will want to enjoy a good old fashion "feed" of beer and food!