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The Stag Hangover From Hell!

Daniel Clavin cries out "I've not stopped hiccuping for 14 months!" Having tried everything from vinegar to sugar and even booking an appointment to see a chiropractor, he reckons it was the stag party from hell.
Daniel Clavin, 37, from Co Roscommon is a software worker with British Telecom. He is currently waiting on an MRI scan after reading about a man with the same problem as him, and was found to be suffering from a brain tumour.
Father of two Daniel hiccups on average every seven seconds and can be violently sick or even pass out. Spending many a night in the spare room, the long sufferer cannot find a cure.
Having tried all the old wives tales and remedies like standing on his head, holding his breath and drinking a glass of water upside down. Daniel has also made appointments with experts, had two endoscopies, a scan, changed his diet, taken tranquilisers and visited a chiropractor! 

Daniel with wife Susan, and children Harry and Megan.
He told express paper - 'I woke up with the hiccups after a stag do. I’d had more to drink than I had for some time but it was nothing out of the ordinary, just the usual mix of beer and spirits. But now they have taken over my life. On odd days they’ll stop, but sometimes I wake up and the whole bed is shaking because they are so violent. Last month I had some relief after seeing a chiropractor. They stopped for 10 days and I thought I’d finally got rid of them – but then they started again and are as bad as ever.'
Father to three-year-old Harry and 10 month-old daughter Megan, Daniel say he has been able to continue working as he is deskbound and has little contact with people outside his office.

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