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Stag Stitched Up By His Mates

A 34 year old man was pranked by his mates at a Blackpool football match on the 10th of April.

Last weekend, a man on his a stag do was tricked into being a football mascot by his friends! Kevin Stuart, 34, led out the Blackpool FC team before their home game against Bradford City, towering over the other child mascots as well as some of the players!

The 6ft 2 amateur player stuck out like a sore thumb as he led out 5ft 5 professional footballer Jay Spearing by the hand, positively mortified as he greeted the home fans. Spearing via his Intagram stated that upon seeing his mascot for the game, he regarding Stuart as "a little different ot what you expect."


Despite the early embarrasment, Stuart embraced the hilarity of the situation. He may have even proved to be a lucky charm for the team, as the home side wen on to beat Bradford City in a comfortable 5-0 display.

Stag Do pranks like these always bring smiles to peoples faces!


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