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Ryanair Launch Flights To Top Stag Do Spot

Get amazingly cheap flights to Ukraine with Ryanair from October.

From as little as £19.99, you can now jet off on a stag do to Kiev with Ryanair! This announcement comes in the wake of concerns that Ryanair had discontinued flights to popular european destinations, but in their newest press release, Ryanair have announced that people can now travel from British airports to Ukraine at amazing costs!

The official statement has revealed that starting in October, direct flights from London Stanstead to both Kiev and Lviv in Ukraine. This is truly great news to stag organisers, who find Kiev among the european stag do destinations due to the cheapness of accommodation, drinks and fine dining. It’s not just the cheap and cheerful nature of Kiev that attracts them to Ukraine, as the country is well known to be the home of gorgeous women!

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