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Irelands new Comedy Film - "The Stag"

The much anticipated new Irish film 'The Stag' has realised it's movie trailer! Check it out now...
Ireland's latest take on the hit film 'The Hangover' is appropriately entitled 'The Stag'. This new, super funny, Irish film has just secured a Spring 2014 release date with Dublin’s Treasure Entertainment and Arrow Film Distributors. 

Going by the short trailer it looks like we're in for a treat lads! The film producers have went back to basics and successfully set the location in a rural woodland location. LasVegas has been replaced with scenic bog side land and the 5 star hotel replaced with a tent that ends up on fire!! 

The latest Irish Film and Television Network report reveals that 'The Stag' tells the tale of a Irish groom-to-be who reluctantly agrees to go on a camping stag weekend in the West of Ireland! Planned stag party events don’t go quite according to plan though when the unpredictable brother of the bride, The Machine, turns up!

The Stag is directed by the talented John Butler and features Brian O'Driscoll's wife Amy Huberman. Other talented actors include Peter McDonald and Brian Gleeson.

Expect a lot of laugh out loud moments as this stag weekend film is sure to be a box office hit! The Stag will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.  Check out The Stag trailer for yourself below:


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