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Ireland's Version Of The Hangover!

Sorry lads the Hangover 3 is not being filmed in Ireland. Don't despair though as HenorStag.com can reveal that Ireland is in fact launching it's very own version of a stag related comedy with what could be the hit film of 2013... "The Stag". 
Irish actress Amy Huberman is set to star alongside Hugh O’Conor in a new film called 'The Stag' in which she plays the bride-to-be and he plays the uptight groom (Irish Daily Mail). ‘The Stag’ will centre on a group of male friends as they embark on an Irish stag party.

Amy’s no stranger to the white frock (Julien Behal/PA Wire)

According to Examiner.com filming started on the 12th November 2012 in Dublin and is likely to hit the big screen in 2013. The film is being supported by the Irish Film Board. We at HenorStaf.com will keep you up to date on all things "STAG"!

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