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Hangover Part III

It's what we've all been waiting for lads ... the third instalment of THE HANGOVER!!! If you simply cannot wait to see what insane shenanigans the 'Wolf Pack' get up to this time then read on ... 

The 'Wolf Pack' are at it again!

The Hangover was an absolute revelation when it first appeared on our cinema screen, four guys embarking on an incredible Stag Weekend to remember, with tattoos, sham marriages, lost teeth and even a baby, a tiger and Mile Tison thrown in for good measure, it sure made magic viewing and a fair insight into the goings on of many a Stag Weekend from our experience!

Now our favourite lunatics are back once again for the third installment of The Hangover. If you've been wondering how Alan has been getting on recently, or even their poorly endowed Asian friend Mr Chow ... then check out the trailer of The Hangover Part III!

 Hangover Part III Trailer

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