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DIY Halloween Stag Party Costume

Having your stag party at Halloween? Or do you know someone who's stag who is having their stag party? Then try these spook-ecular halloween bachelor ideas and you'll be in for a wicked time!
If you’re like every Tom, Dick and Harry out there you can’t be bothered with having to dress up at Halloween, are you? What’s the point I hear you say, it’s a total waste of money and far too much hassle for any man to cope with! But when it comes to having a stag party at Halloween or having to attend one, then you’re more than likely the first one to suggest it and all up for a fancy dress costume!

So, if you haven’t got your costume sorted yet for next weekend and you’re starting to panic because everyone else is getting sorted - never fear! StagorHen.com has rounded up some awesome DIY Halloween costume ideas that require a little bit of imagination, a couple of hours and an extremely small budget!


1) The Hangover

Do NOT use a real baby for this! Pick up a toy doll for cheap and wrap it in a blanket around you. If you have wavy hair, mess it up and go for the unshaved, scruffy look. Have your sunglasses at the ready and stick your gut out!

2) Edward Scissorhands

Get a hair curler (yes, just for tonight) and kink your hair out a bit – or get a girl to do it better. Paint your face with pale white makeup and put some a small bit of black highlighter on your cheeks and mouth. Throw on a black turtleneck and white collared shirt. Walllah!

3) Papa Smurf

A lot of blue makeup is needed for this one! Cover where you can see (face, neck, arms) in blue makeup. Stick on a plain blue t-shirt and red baggy bottoms – like a Santa costume has. Click on a pair of braces, red if you have them and pop your costume beard (or real) on. If you have a smurf hat pop it on!


4) Where’s Wally

You’ll have great fun hiding from people, or not! Stick on a pair of jeans and a stripy red and white t-shirt. A circular pair of specs and a small red hat! Easy Peasy!


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