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Groom Pranked at Stag Do!

Blindfolded groom strapped into harness to jump of the edge of a non-existent cliff. This is sure to make you laugh...
At HenorStag.com we undoubtedly know that stag parties are predominantly good fun - particularly when the groom’s best friend can successfully terrify and humiliate him - as this video clearly verifies! 

Norwegians love a good humiliation party as much as the next crowd of guys. Here we have the groom, who unquestionably did not want his stag party to include skydiving or bungee jumping due to his fear of heights.... So what do his best pals put together? A bungee jump, or at least that what the poor guy thinks anyways! 

Norwegian Bachelor Party Prank

After much encouragement and egging on, the Norwegian man plopped headfirst into a paddling pool stationed just below the fake jetty he was stood on.

So for you all stags out there, are you ready to prank your groom and give him the best stag party to remember? Try our dares now at HenorStag.com now by clicking HERE.

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