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Groom-To-Be Fakes Bomb Scare!

A desperate groom faked a bomb scare at his own wedding in a bid to stop his bride-to-be finding out, wait for it.... that he had forgotten to book the venue!!
Groom-To-Be Neil McArdle telephoned St George's Hall in Liverpool saying an explosive device had been left in the building where he was due to marry. 

The date was pencilled in and the pair were given "right to marry" paperwork to complete in order to legalise proceedings - but by time the big day arrived, McArdle realised he had not completed the forms and knew the venue was not officially booked. Neil even let his unwitting fiancée turn up in her wedding dress, only to find the historic venue evacuated and swarming with police.

Instead of telling the truth, he went to a phone booth near his home on the morning of the wedding and rang the venue. He told the receptionist, "There's a bomb in St George's Hall and it will go off in 45 minutes", before putting the phone down.

Dozens of people inside were evacuated as police and a bomb disposal units combed the scene.

 A source said: "He realised that he hadn't filled this form in but he hadn't got the heart to tell his missus and her family. "The whole wedding party turned up to this bomb scare and then they found out there was no actual booking." 

Enquiries led to McArdle being arrested and charged later that day.

It is understood the husband-to-be made full and frank admission to police, admitting he sparked the hoax in a bid to postpone the wedding and buy himself more time.

McArdle, who appeared in the dock at Liverpool Crown Court yesterday for a brief appearance, admitted a single charge of communicating false information with intent. He will be sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court later this month

It is believed the couple have not yet married but are still together. Great!

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