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Awesome Best Man Speech Tips

The Dreaded Best Man Speech! One of the most nerve wrecking moments of any Best Man's life but fear not WeddingDates uncover their top tips for perfecting that all important speech! Take their advice and we're sure you will nail it in style!

Top Tips for the Dreaded Best Man Speech

The word ‘speech’ is enough to put fear into any best man’s heart. For some, the sheer thought of the word can set them into a state of the sweats. It’s a big moment that very few men get the honour of doing. But, fear not guys! We have some great tips from WeddingDates to turn the dreaded best man speech into a legendary moment your best buddy will never forget!
Putting the bulk of your work into preparing the best man speech will totally pay off when delivering it. Start preparing the speech three weeks before the big event. A good way to begin is with a pen, paper and spider diagram. What do you want to say? What kind of tone do you think your speech should have? Decide this before writing to give the speech a sense of structure.
Funny speeches are great, but not everyone has the gift of making people laugh! The best speeches are those that are executed to perfection. Also, although you may have an incredibly hilarious story about an antic from the groom, the bride may not appreciate the funny story. Be a good bro about it…. As they say ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!’

How not to give a Best Man's Speech - 2003 Film 'OLD SCHOOL'
Practice Makes…
Perfect! It’s true. It may feel embarrassing and a little stupid to practice your speech in front of a mirror, so why not try it in front of a real audience? That way you can get some feedback from your friends too. 
Check with The Couple
This also comes back to our previous point. Since your speech will probably mention a lot of the groom, it’s only fair to check with him that he’s happy with whatever you say about the happy couple!
Timing and Execution 
A good best man speech ranges from around 3 to 5 minutes. 10 minutes should really be your maximum cut off point. In saying that, take your time with your speech and speak clearly to your audience with confidence! If you’ve written an amazing speech, it’s only fair that everyone can hear it!
No Dutch Courage
It may be tempting to shake off the nerves with a pint or two but trust us, it will only work against you! Try as you might, every tip we’ve just mentioned will go out the window! Slurring your speech and revealing all the stag do secrets will probably land you in hot water with the rest of the bridal party so keep the drinks to a minimum before the speech!


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