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Read the latest stag party news! Stag parties love to hear how the latest prank has went down or what man has made a fool of himself! HenorStag has it all here. Whether it's show biz news, top quality scandal or gossip on a celeb's stag party, find it all right here.

Stag Party News

It's always good to see some other poor man make a fool of himself and we have to say, it's good to watch! But if you're stuck for inspiration for your stag's night, you can read right here what the latest trick in the book is! Here you'll find the latest real life stag party prank to tried and tested methods on curing that hangover from hell!

Celebrity News

When stag party news breaks across the world, HenorStag is on the ball! For all the latest celebrity gossip browse through StagorHen's extensive celebrity stag news, which can feature celebrities such as Mcfly's Danny Jones to the Duke of Cambridge! You're sure to hear it here first for all the juicy gossip!