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Ted 2 Stag Film

Ted 2 Stag Film



Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane, Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Barth, Morgan Freeman


Ted 2 is always a wise choice if your looking for a stag film to laugh from beginning to end with some of your best mates!

Newly married Teddy Bear Ted (Seth McFarlane) decides that him and his wife (Jessica Barth) should adopt a child to make their family complete. However, this causes concern as Ted is not seen as a person in the eyes of the law and therefore cannot carry out the adoption. With the help of best friend John (Mark Wahlberg), lawyer (Amanda Seyfried) and civil rights attorney (Morgan Freeman), Ted fights for his right to be seen as a person and the option to adopt. However, Ted’s past and drunken mistakes does not help him in his quest to win his case!

Will Ted earn the right to adopt with the help of his best friend and the young lawyer? Accompanied by a takeaway and a few cold beers, this could be the ultimate stag film for you and your best mates!

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