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Planning on a quiet night in with the boys? Stag do films are sure to do the trick! Choose from a wide range of films to help kickstart the celebrations from new popular movies to oldschool classics, you are sure to be stuck for choice! We at HenorStag.com provide you on the top stag do films to help make your movie marathon a roaring success!

Daddy's Home Stag Do Film
- Featuring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, this film is sure to have you and your boys in floods of tears throughout!

Ted Stag Do Film - This film is guaranteed to have all the boys entertained and mark the occasion in style! Featuring Mark Wahlberg and his talking teddy bear Ted!

Ted 2 Stag Do Film - Mark Wahlberg and Ted make another appearance in their second sequel as go to court to justify Ted's rights! Expect lots of laugh out loud moments!

Deadpool Stag Do Film - This film is a mixture of both action and comedy and sure to leave the men impressed! Featuring Ryan Reynolds and Ed Skrein!

Dirty Grandpa Stag Do Film - This film is sure to take you by surprise aslawyer Jason Kelly takes his grandpa to Spring Break! Featuring Zac Efron and Robert De Niro!

Last Vegas Stag Do Film
- This film is sure to give you inspiration as 4 childhood friends meet up and head to Sin City for a stag do!

Project X Stag Do Film - Now this is what a real party looks like! This film is sure to leave you wanting to join in as 2 high school boys host an epic house party! 

American Pie Stag Do Film - This film is an old school classic and a safe choice! We are sure all the gents have seen this laugh out loud movie one or twice but we assure you it does not get old!

The Big Lebowski Stag Do Film - For a film that one that will have everyone impressed, this one sure does tick all the boxes! Expect lots of funny unexpected plots!

Anchorman Stag Do Film - Ronn Burgandy and his men will kickstart the celebrations in style and assure everyone is in floods of tears! These men sure are comedy geniuses!

Old School Stag Do Film - Old but gold! Three childhood pals join forces to start a college fraternity so that they can relive their childhood! Featuring Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughan and Luke Wilson!

The Hangover Stag Do Film - This block buster should be on every stag party movie list! These four men will show you how to party hard in Sin City and what not to do!

The Hangover 2 Stag Do Film - Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug are back and better than ever as they head to Bangkok city to celebrate in style with a few plot twists in between!