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Stag Do Ideas

Organising a stag party and looking for some stag do ideas for night? HenorStag.com is here to help! With our great selection of free stag do ideas available for you to choose from, you're sure to have a ball! Choose from stag party games, stag do dares and themes! Or read up on all the latest news on how celebrities celebrated their stag do and how Harry's stag party from down the road went off!

Stag Do Dares

Every stag loves a challenge, so these dares are designed to determine whose your maddest mate! Set them a range of drinking dares to add a bit some competitive incentive to the night. You can also give dares to the Groom, forcing him into uncomfortable situations if he should fail. Food dares are also very popular, and often lead to a messy night when mixed with alcohol! Lastly, to ensure no one is left out, there is a section on group dares - perfect for getting everyone in on the act.

Stag Do Films

This is a place for all the top stag party related releases. From hilarious comedies to action packed adventure films, this list of fantastic films are great for a group of guys. If you're staying in the day after the stag night, throw on one of these classic movies and crack open a cold one!

Stag Do Games

The best way to enjoy drinks before the stag night is to celebrate with some stag do games! Ranging from sensible to naughty, this massive library of games are a one-stop-shop for stag night entertainment! Choose from the likes of the T-Shirt Checklist, Mr and Mrs and Kings Cup!

Stag Do News

Read the latest stag party news! Stag parties love to hear how the latest prank has went down or what man has made a fool of himself! HenorStag has it all here. Whether it's show biz news, top quality scandal or gossip on a celeb's stag party, find it all right here.

Stag Do Themes

A great way to add a bit of hilarity to the night is to dress up in a fun costume! There are a number of suitable themes to choose from, including costumes from the big screen such as Saturday Night Fever, Game of Thrones and Peaky Blinders! Whether you dress like John Travolta for the stag night, Jon Snow for a party in the winter, or Tommy Shelby for a day at the races - wear a theme that suits your activity!

Stag Do Songs

We have a playlist of karaoke lyrics perfect for the stag! Choose from our concoction of belters and athemes, made famous from the 80s right through to the present day. Check out our suggestions and make up a playlist that will get all your mates singing along to.