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Stag Do Restaurants

Eating out on your stag party is a great way to start your stag night off! Enjoy a meal in one of many eateries in the UK in Ireland!

Stag Do Restaurants

There are many restaurants in all the stag do hotspots of the UK and Ireland! Therefore your lads should have plenty of choice from quirky street food type joints to quaint fine dining establishments. Going to a restaurant is a great stag do idea as it gets all your lads together to enjoy a delicious meal before the stag night gets into full flow and your lads start to spread out! There is a great range of cuisines to choose from with the most common being Italians, Indians and Oriental restaurants. 

Italian Restaurants

Italy has a fine culinary heritage with many great dishes coming from it such as pizza, pasta and much more! Everyone knows no one can beat an authentic pizza that has been stone baked with rich tomato puree with smooth and stringy mozzarella or parmesan cheese sprinkled over the top. They also produce tasty pasta dishes that come with sauces that have been carefully formulated to taste as good as possible!

Indian Restaurants

Indian restaurants are a popular choice with stag weekends as it gives lads a chance to prove their worth by taking on a spicy dish such as a vindaloo or madras. Some lads will have to concede that they are not made for spice and go for something a bit more mild! The UK and Ireland have fallen in love with the spice and tastes that Indian food provides and thats why it has become a popular stag do restaurant choice. 

Chinese Restaurants

Experience a Chinese restaurant in Ireland for your stag do weekend! Stag weekends looking for good grub should try an Oriental restaurant in Ireland and the UK. With excellent tastes and the most aromatic flavours, stag weekends in Ireland will love a Chinese restaurant! Eat all you want from curries, sauces, chicken, duck, noodles, dips, chips and rice - all under the one roof! Chinese cooking is a work of art and one of the most popular cultured foods in Ireland. Book your stag do an Oriental restaurant in Ireland and experience these mouth watering dishes today!