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Stag Weekend Activities

Stag do activities are an essential part of any stag do and at HenorStag.com, we have plenty to choose from! We also offer some great stag do activity ideas so you may come across a really fun and enjoyable that you may never have thought of!

Adrenaline Pumping Stag Do Activities

Men love getting a rush of adrenaline and their are plenty of activities that can do this! Paintballing is a very popular stag do activity of this kind as it has the element of getting a hit my a painful projectile which adds to the combat action. Driving off road buggies is another exciting activity as your lads would hurtle around a muddy or gravel track in small but powerful buggies. Generally this activity is made competitive by your lads trying to navigate around a course as quickly as possible time! Another adrenaline pumping activity is white water rafting where your lads would get on board an inflatable raft and paddle your way down a rough river with many rapids and rocks to navigate around.

Casual Stag Do Activities

If you want some stag do activities that are more relaxed then there is plenty to choose from! If your lads are fans of golf then go for a round or two at one of the many great golf courses around the country. Another great stag do activity is a beer tasting session where your lads can sample some of the finest craft beer about. With a beer tasting session hopefully your lads will come away with a new favourite beer! Another casual but physical stag do activity is bubble football! This relativity new activity is extremely good fun and will provide top entertainment for your lads.

Competitive Stag Do Activities

Most men are extremely competitive and will do anything they can to win, thats why a competitive will spice things up on your stag party. Go karting is one of the ultimate competitive activities as every man thinks they are a good driver so they will not want to embarrass themselves! Clay pigeon shooting is another great competitive stag do activity as your lads will want to show that they know how handle a gun! Lads with a steady arm and a good eye should come out in top in this activity. A treasure hunt is another great to get a bit of competition on your stag party. This stag do activity will see your lads compete in teams to work out puzzles and use clues to find the treasure before any other team!



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