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The Ultimate Guide to Packing for a Stag Do


Preparation for the big stag weekend is key! There are a number of essentials that every group of stags must remember to bring depending on the chosen location. In order to make the stag weekend memorable for all the right reasons, take a look at our ultimate guide for what to pack for the stag do so that everything goes as smoothly as possible!



The most obvious item to pack is clothing! For anyone heading on a stag do abroad with warm climates make sure to pack plenty of shorts and sandals, as opposed to those having a Winter stag do where you need to make sure to pack your winter woolies. Smart clothing may be necessary for certain nightclubs so make sure you are prepared for that or else you may be the only one in the group to get turned down at the doors of the club!

Phone and Charger


Packing a phone and charger is an absolute must especially when on a stag do in a place that you do not know very well. The likelihood is that at least one person will get lost on the night out so having a phone to get back in contact with everyone is key! If going to a foreign country, remember to buy wall adapters as sockets can vary in other countries.



It is important to bring cash with you as some venues do not accept debit and credit cards. It is also worth noting the currency of the country you are going to and change money before you go in order to get the best exchange rate.



Make sure to bring ID no matter what age you are as some places are much more strict on entry than others. If staying local, try not to bring a passport as they are more expensive to replace if it gets lost!



Make sure to pack all the toiletries you will need such as hair gel, toothpaste, shower gel and deodorant etc. For those group of stags going on a foreign stag do don’t forget to pack sun cream and aloe vera as protection from the sun, especially when drinking all day!



A deck of cards is a great addition to any party and a great way to pass the time when travelling. Pack a deck and play stag do games such as Kings Cup and Bullshit which are sure to get the stag night celebrations well underway!

Hangover Cures


The stag weekend is more than likely going to involve a few days drinking and therefore you need to be well prepared for a dreaded hangover. Pack whatever helps you most during this torrid time whether that be energy tablets such as break or pain killers so that you are fit to get up and go again with the rest of the lads!



Someone is going to have to provide the beats on the way to the stag do location and in the accommodation so pack a speaker of some sorts to keep everyone in the party spirit! A Beats Pill is the perfect choice here as it is small enough to put in a bag and provides great sound.

Now that you have read our Ultimate Guide on what to pack for a stag do, you have no excuses to forget anything and should be well prepared to have a stag weekend that will be unforgettable!

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