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Tree Top Stag Do Ideas


Tree Top Stag Do Ideas

There are many stag do activities out there that are great for helping bring a group of people closer together. One of those is a Tree Top Adventure that will thrill the entire group and get you working together as a team and encouraging each other to push your mind and body to the limit while having a great laugh! How does a few hours in the tree tops, climbing over and through some crazy obstacles sound? Whilst you know that you are harnessed securely to the safety cables, your nerve and balance will be tested thoroughly in this amazing experience! We reveal some of the many reasons as to why a tree top adventure is a fantastic stag do activity and list some of the venues that provide this fun and unique experience.

Reasons to do a Tree Top Adventure

Team Building: A tree top adventure is a fantastic team building exercise. Your stag group will all be brought up amongst the high tops of the trees together and will all go through the same thrilling, and sometimes frightening experiences! By going through these similar experiences on your tree top stag do activity, you lads will feel the need to encourage each other and guide one another through any difficulties they may be having. By offering encouragement and helpful tips for certain obstacles, the bond between you lads will grow stronger and that can only make the stag do as a whole that more enjoyable for everyone!

Suitable for All Ages: Tree top adventures a great for groups such as stags that may have a wide range of age groups. This adventure tests your mental capabilities more so than your physical and therefore those of a younger or older age may surprise you at how well they can handle the dizzy heights!

Test Yourself Mentally and Physically: One of the greatest aspects of a tree top adventure is how you can push yourself mentally and physically to complete the challenge. When up against a daunting task in the trees, it is easy to freeze and think you can’t complete it. By pushing through that mental block and completing the task, you will feel as if you can achieve anything if you are determined enough! Some of the more daunting tasks are also quite physically gruelling on the upper body and it takes a lot of will power to hang in there and drag yourself to the next station.

Lots of Laughs: Some of your group are going to find the tree top adventure obstacle a little tougher than others and it can be hard not to have a laugh at some of your mates struggles! Whether that is getting tangled in some tyres, being afraid to get on the Zip Wire or not being able to master the swings, you guys are sure to have a great laugh at some of the scenes on this stag do activity!

Tarzan's Tree Top Adventure at The Jungle NI


The Jungle NI’s Tree Top Adventure is a must try stag do activity in Ireland! This fantastically designed experience up in the high tree tops of a forest in Magherafelt will thrill the entire stag group. The Jungle’s high ropes course includes zip wires, Tarzan swings and even a parachuting simulation with their power fan drop.
At certain stages of the course, you have a choice to go left and take the most difficult route or go right and choose a little more simplified route which is perfect for those who may be struggling with the dizzy heights! Test yourselves and see who is the quickest at climbing over the shaky tyres and narrow bridges that will have your heart racing as you try to cross to the next challenge!
For those of you who want to test themselves to the maximum, there is an extra “10 Key Elements” at the end of the course that are more physically and mentally gruelling than those you have already completed. These elements include shaky rope swings and ledges that are spaced further apart so that it is more difficult to cross them.
The last two challenges will have you lads feeling like you have butterflies in your stomach on your tree top stag do activity! The high speed Zip Wire and parachuting simulation may take several deep breaths and a lot of encouragement to get on, but when you do, you are sure to have an enthralling experience like no other!

Zip n Trek at Delphi Resort


Bring your group of stags to Delphi Resort in Galway for a thrilling tree top adventure on your Irish stag do! You lads will get the chance to climb across shaky bridges way up in the tree tops and zip wire through the trees in an adrenaline pumping stag party activity near Westport!
Rock climbing walls can be tough enough at the best of times, but how about trying it whilst way up in the skyline on this tree top adventure? Delphi Resort has created a thrilling and nerve wracking tree top experience that will impress your entire group and test their bottle to the absolute limit!
The Zip n Trek is Delphi resort’s flagship activity and it will not disappoint! So bring your Westport stag do to Delphi Resort for an amazing, team bonding experience!

So there you have it lads, we have revealed to you some of the many reasons why you should go on a stag do tree top adventure and two fantastic venues in Ireland that offer this amazing experience! So what are you waiting for? Book you and your group of stags in for this unforgettable activity on your stag do weekend!

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