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Summer Stag Party vs Winter Stag Do


Summer Stag Party vs Winter Stag Do

There are many factors to take into consideration when booking a stag do weekend such as the interests of all the people in the group, the activities on offer and the nightlife. It is also important to consider the time of year you are booking the stag party for a number of reasons such as the weather and seasonal events. Here we compare the advantages of booking a summer stag do versus a winter stag do.

Summer Stag Party Advantages


Below we uncover our top 3 reasons why you should opt for a summer stag do:

1. Sunshine: The top advantage of having a summer stag do has to be the weather! You lads will be able to enjoy a day down at the beach and the perfect chance to top up your tan! With good weather comes the opportunity for a range of outdoor stag do activities such as water sports, beer bikes or cruises to name but a few!

2. Festivals: Summer is the time of year when music festivals are taking place all around Europe! Booking a summer stag weekend in Croatia could see you go to see some of the world’s top DJ’s at the Ultra music festival. Or maybe you lads would rather book a stag party in the popular stag do destination of Budapest? Here you will be able to get to the Sziget festival in August which is one of Europe’s top music and cultural festivals! If music is something that your group is into, a summer stag do will be the perfect choice!

3. Time of Year: One of the main advantages of having a summer stag do is the fact that a lot of people will be able to book annual leave with work whilst not having to worry about budgeting for the likes of Christmas presents as you would on a winter stag do. Making sure that all the stags closest family and friends can make the stag party is one of many dilemmas that the best man has to face and by having a stag weekend in summer, it could be one less problem to worry about!

Winter Stag Party Advantages


On the flip side here is 3 great reasons why a winter stag do could be the perfect choice:

1. Christmas Markets: One of the best things about visiting European countries in the winter is getting to visit the amazing Christmas markets that bring together the cultures and tastes of so many different nations! Should you book a winter stag do in Amsterdam, Riga or Budapest, you are guaranteed to be amazed by what the Christmas markets have to offer. It’s not just about what you can buy at the markets, but also the lively atmosphere that comes with them.

2. Winter Activities: A winter stag do also gives you lads the chance to try some activities that just aren’t possible in the summer. Cities such as Prague and Brno have ice skating rinks right in the city centre during winter and the scenes are a joy to behold. Or maybe you guys want more of an adrenaline rush? Well popular stag party destination, Estonia, offers great downhill skiing and snowboarding experiences in winter that are sure to impress on your stag weekend!

3. Snow: Although it may not be a favourite for a lot of people, there is no denying that snow can make a lot of places look that much more wonderful! Eastern European countries such as the Czech Republic and Hungary are often covered by a layer of snow in winter and it only adds to the attraction of going there! It is also gives you the perfect opportunity to pelt the stag with some snowballs!

Summer and winter stag do’s both have their advantages and disadvantages and a lot depends on what your stag do destination is! One thing is for sure though, no matter what time of year you do choose, you are sure to have a great time with all your closest family and friends by your side!


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