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Stag Do Gift Ideas


It is now a common place for the best man to get the groom-to-be a gift on his stag weekend. I know what your thinking, gifts on a stag do - its going to be either crude, stupid or both! Well we have found classy gifts that will reassure the groom-to-be that you are the right man for the job.

Personalised Cufflinks

Nothing gives out a classy vibe more than personalised cufflinks! Have his initials engraved in a fine looking font so that the groom-to-be will look like a gentleman class and sophistication. This gift can be put to good use on the big day and worn time after time.

Diamond Shaped Whiskey Glass


If the groom-to-be enjoys his Whiskey then this is the perfect gift for him as these diamond shaped glasses are very classy and will make drinking whiskey a new experience! I wouldn’t recommend bringing them along on the stag weekend in fear of any breakages!

Personalised Pint Glass


Does the groom enjoy a pint? Who doesn't?! This is a gift idea that is not only unique but would also come in handy on the stag do itself! Have a message engraved onto a pint glass that could be funny, inspirational or emotional or just plain silly!

Engraved Money Clip


If the groom-to-be is one of those people who earns a pretty penny or perhaps someone who doesn’t like to splash the cash this is a simple but effect gift. Get the grooms initials engraved on the money clip so he will look like Lord Sugar!

Magic Chain Bottle Holder


This is a really cool gift that will have the groom fooling people for years! This cool bottle holder makes it look like the bottle is being held up by magic!

So there you have it lads, 5 cool gift ideas to ensure you are a top best man! Enjoy your stag weekend lads!

Image Credits: GettingPersonal.co.uk | theoverwhelmedbride | esty 

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